3 Ways To Avoid Zombies

By James Dazouloute ---- Zombies have been around ever since mankind was given the secrets of Black Magic by the Fallen Angels, and their heart turned from light to darkness, 
3 Ways To Avoid Zombies
  they then decided to use each other as slaves, as well take control of one another to do their perverted bidding. So instead of maintaining the brotherhood of humanity and uplift one another, they've devised ways to raise each other from the dead, but without their soul. And then along the way, the majority of the world left behind the secrets of Black Magic, and started to embrace the secrets of experimenting with drugs. So they traded one type of Zombie for another, and this great abomination continues on even to this very day. So the universal consciousness of mankind, has allowed their Artists and Movie Makers to begin portraying their subconsciously connected thoughts into acts of fiction, which always later on end up being facts. 
3 Ways To Avoid Zombies

And have you ever asked yourself, where do the movies come up with these seemingly unbelievable tales? And since human beings can not remember all that they already know about the Universe and all the Galaxies when they were Spirit Beings, before dropping down into this ignorant physical realm to experience everything anew, then they receive glimpses, bits and pieces of what is hidden, of what is evil in dreams, in supposed fantasies and even imaginary friends, but in reality are just publicizing all forms of life and events that have been recorded in the dark corners of hidden regions of the brain. So with that, here are 3 ways for you to never become, or join the rank of Zombies: 
3 Ways To Avoid Zombies

First way to avoid being a Zombie: Experimental Drugs.
Since you do not remember who you are really are, nor all the deep knowledge of the Universe, then you forget what interactions, drugs and chemicals will do to your brain and your body, and with that you must be mindful of your wild and rebellious state, where you want to touch, feel and consume every drug that come your way.  Because this is what will turn you into zombies, like bath salts, like LSD, like laced-up heavy drugs. So stop being so bold with your friends, and stop saying that you are willing to try everything just once. Since this is how disasters start to take place in your life, and then your whole body becomes animated even when you are supposed to die, and go to your place of rest.   
3 Ways To Avoid Zombies

Second way to avoid joining Zombies: Voodoo Curses.
I can't tell you how many people will quickly tell you: I don't believe in this, or I don't believe in that... And for them that just avoids the responsibility of finding out about dark or black magic, which has been around since the Universe began, also has been used to this very day by many cultures from many countries. So you have to be careful of insulting people who are from different cultures than your own, just because they are down on their luck, or maybe running away from evil spirits who have been chasing their entire family for generations, and now they no longer want to serve them. So ask the people of Haiti, or the people of Brazil, or even ask the people from the southern parts of Africa, and you will quickly be given a very powerful lesson about Zombies being used to work on plantations, whom they never have to pay. And those Zombies are people who were dead, and now their bodies are animated to come back alive, and are doing  the bidding of certain black magic followers. 
3 Ways To Avoid Zombies

Third way to never become Zombies: Avoid Deep Hate / Hunger.
Now I know that everyone will say: I will never do this, or I will never do that. Well careful with being ignorant, for you have yet to experience certain disasters, or certain tests in your life. For there have been many who have said they will never eat human flesh, or practice cannibalism. And then they take a cruise, and the great boat sinks, and now they and 3-4 other people end up drifting at sea as the only survivors of the group. And after 3-4 weeks of no rescue in sight, and having had no foods or water in all of that time, and only having sea water to survive on. Now they are finding themselves deciding which body part they are about to consume, once their colleagues have taken their last breath. Or you may have so much strong hate for someone who has done you some great wrong, and then you are taking heavy drugs as it is to cope with the disastrous stresses of life, and now your mind is betraying you and is having you contemplating thoughts of cannibalism, because you want to bring so much pain to that individual, as well as consume their soul so you could totally own them. Just remember throughout history, how many atrocities have taken place by Men, just because of deep hatred for one group of people or another.

So Zombies are all around you, and within every country of the world, but soon you will have a mass explosion of them or an epidemic. And you just have to make sure that you do not become one of them under any circumstances, since you lose your soul, you lose your greatness, and you definitely your ability to say: I Think Therefore I Exist. So as I always say: Failure To Be Aware, Is Failure To Have Freedom... 
3 Ways To Avoid Zombies

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    Zombies are always scary

  2. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I hate zombies and how they eat


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