3 Qualities You Need To Be A Philanthropist

By James Dazouloute --- How To Be A Philanthropist is not hard at all, since all you need is the heart that cares and loves all human beings, even the ones that have different 
3 Qualities You Need To Be A Philanthropist
  skin colors than you, different sexual values than you, and even different levels of luck than you. And even though there are those who think you need to be a Billionaire or a Trillionaire to be A Philanthropist, I will tell you that if you have a dollar, and are willing to take 5 to 15 cents to give to a brother for a piece of bread, as well as do it out of pure love with no need for recognitions, then you are the greatest Philanthropist ever. Also there are 3 top qualities that you must always focus on and retain in your mind for the rest of your life as a Philanthropist, so that way you could never lose your way and become corrupted like so many others have:

First top quality for a Philanthropist: Always Ask, What If It Was Me?
3 Qualities You Need To Be A Philanthropist

And really, your brother or sister who is suffering is you, since We Are All Cousins and forever interconnected by the Great Creator God, as The Great Source who shares Himself into each one of us. And so when one is suffering lack of anything, whether intelligence, whether great health, whether wonderful fortune, whether  even a smile, then You Are Suffering as well. And by understanding this you will be able to reach out by extending your hand as a Philanthropist, and share whatever you have... Your heart, your knowledge, your money, your food, your clothes, your car etc.

How to be a Philanthropist, second way: Always Allow Your Heart To Feel.
3 Qualities You Need To Be A Philanthropist

Never ever shut up your heart, simply because you have been giving of yourself and all that you have for years, yet the demands just keep on coming in, and on top of that people are so ungrateful and talk about you every chance they get. You have to remember that you are The Great Master of The Universe and Co-Ruler With God, whenever you open your heart no matter what, and no matter how many times you are required to do so without any recognitions. Because you must remember, this is exactly what makes God who He Is. Since He has been doing this from Eternity past, and has allowed His Heart to love infinitely and unconditionally. Yet He still allowed part of Himself ( His Only Begotten Son ), to even die as a Philanthropist and a Savior for all Mankind, and He still does not get the recognitions that He Truly Deserve as first, The Great Creator, then as The Great Savior. And so you must remember this, and follow in the footsteps of Your Father, by always opening up your heart to feel for your brother or sister.

Third quality Needed to be a Philanthropist: Always Act.
3 Qualities You Need To Be A Philanthropist

Never ever get caught up in wishing, in fantasizing, in laziness and even in procrastination. Because failure to act as a Philanthropist when another human being is suffering in any way – shape or form, is the greatest violation or sin you could commit. And you already know that if you work for a company, or you are an official working for a City, or you are the leader of your family, that you have a duty to act whenever there is a need to be filled. Because if you don't, then you will be charged with Failure to act through your Fiduciary duties as a worker, as a Police Officer, or as a Father by the State. Now just imagine with me, the greater violation that God will charge you with, when you fail to be your brother's keeper, or fail to even love your brother as you love yourself. So you now see that you must act when your brother is in need, for that is when you are living within your true calling, as A Philanthropist. Which Is People Helping People.    
3 Qualities You Need To Be A Philanthropist



How To Become A Philanthropist...


  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    It's great to give to others

  2. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Everybody needs help sometimes


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