15 Reasons Laughter Is The Best Medicine

By James Dazouloute --- You've heard all your life that Laughter is the best medicine, but you always thought that it was just Folks Folklore. 
15 Reasons Laughter Is The Best Medicine
 But now that you have been growing up and are facing life stresses, you are suddenly realizing more and more everyday that Laughter truly is the best medicine to help you live this harsh life that is full of traps, full of let downs, full of disappointments, full of liars, full of tricksters, full of problems that constantly seem to be way too much for you to handle. So now you are starting to give the old people all the respect they deserve as you now remember that old African Proverb: Mouth of old people may stink but the words that come out of their mouth do not. 
15 Reasons Laughter Is The Best Medicine

So to help you further, today I am sharing with you 15 Reasons Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine:

1. We laugh 30 times more in social situation than when we are alone. So you better start hanging out with some funny people, or at least hang out with your pets and you will laugh all the time at the silly things they do.

2. Research has shown that Laughter increases blood flow by 22%. So if you have blood coagulation issues, then you better get to laughing. 

3. When you laugh you decrease stress and that's good, because when you are stressed out you decrease your blood flow by 35% and that can cause a blood clot in your brain.

4. It has been found that female audiences laugh 127% more than male audiences. Well you already knew that since all females love to laugh and that's how guys get in by making them laugh.

5. Did you know that Laughter is the best medicine? Because research has shown that Laughter boosts the immune system and is much more beneficial than relaxation.

6. Laughter has been shown to improve respiration.

7. When you are laughing by watching comedy tapes, you are facilitating good blood flow.

8. Laughing will activate your body's defensive immune system and now it can fight off all these infections that are constantly trying to conquer it. 
15 Reasons Laughter Is The Best Medicine

9. When it comes to how much pain you can bear, Laughing about something will elevate your threshold for pain. Because laughing takes your mind off it. 

10. When you are laughing you are inducing positive emotional states, because all that laughing put you in a good mood. Duh!

11. You think a lot better and a lot faster when you are not stressed and are laughing your butt off.

12. When you laugh you are actually exercising your body by contracting and relaxing muscles. Kind of like when you are sneezing and your whole body contracts and then relaxes. Except you can't keep on sneezing for 30 minutes straight without getting a headache, but you can laugh for 30 minutes straight.

13. Laughing raises you heart rate and keeps you happy. Plain and simple, keep finding little things to laugh about.

14.  Another reason why Laughter is the best medicine, it increases the number of activated natural virus killing cells.

15. Laughter Is Contagious, just like yawning. Start laughing and see how many other people start to join you on a bus or on a train or at work. Again, Laughter Is The Best Medicine For All People. 
15 Reasons Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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