Great Sex - But How Much Will It Cost You

Great Sex... But How Much Will It Cost You? Is what you must ask from your physical self, then even to your soul Beloved. Because sex that was given as a gift within the confined of Marriage to use to procreate, has been turned into a lifestyle, into a culture, into an Abomination. And why is that?. Because ever since Adam, our earthly father, has given up the authority of his office, and has succumbed to the lust of the flesh by wanting what was in front of his eyes, then his entire descendants were doomed to fall into lusts of all kind.

Now I know that you might think 
That I am being rather harsh on Adam, and then Eve. But take a look around you and see that everything is in the bloodline. For example when someone  has high blood pressure, or diabetes, or heart failure, or baldness... They are all hereditary from their father, grandfather or mother or grandmother. And so it is with sexual lust, and since lust is in our blood, it only parlayed into other areas of our lives.

And the reason why we are so focused into having great sex so much, is 
Because of the original sin: Pride. Committed by Lucifer / Satan. Because our pride or ego clings onto lust or anything to grow and multiply.  And if you look at all Sins and all Laws being broken, it is all because of Ego or Pride that pushes  and multiply our lust. For we lust for a car, we lust for money, we lust for different sex partners, we lust for beauty, we lust for bigger breasts, we lust for power, we lust to be popular, we lust all that we see. Except Never For God, And A Perfect Relationship.

But how much will great sex cost you into serving God? 
Because if you look at your life, it is all seduction all around you, it is all about getting the greatest job, it is all about finding the latest outfit, it is all about making appearance to church or the synagogue for social interactions. It is all about just doing the bare minimum in saying your prayers, it is all about keeping the passion alive in your relationship or marriage. It is all about watching the latest Reality TV Show and laugh at all the sexual jokes, it is all about WWJD - What Would Jesus Do Bracelets. It is all about Preaching the songs of Solomon to explain our sexual needs and perversions. But when will we give up great sex, for great rewards with God, even within marriage?.

Because when you focus on having great sex, 
Within marriage or outside of marriage, you violate your mandate from God The Most High. You Are Spirit, and not physical. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience in worshiping and glorifying God, so how does focusing on having great sex increase your closeness to God? And if you take time and notice dear friend, each time you have sex it diminishes you and it drains you. And this is why in the Book Of Leviticus, God said to you that each time you have sex, you are defiled until evening.

And you of all people already know the original mandate of God: 
To Be Fruitful And Multiply. And you were to come together only during the time for procreation, and then go back to worshiping God. And if you read the Scriptures Closely, you will see that it is usually mentioned that: And the man went into her, and they had a son or a daughter. But nowadays, all life is sexual, all servitude is sexual, all steps that we take are all about sex in the background of our mind, even when we do  a good job at pretending to be Holy. And this culture is ruining us, because you see sex everywhere, you feel sex everywhere, you hear sex everywhere and you talk sex everywhere. And the worst part is, deep down inside you love it. Because the thought of sex does not make you want to vomit, since the Ego/ pride tells you that you must get some. Either from your spouse or a lover.

But sex is keeping you far, far away from God. 
Because it has invaded your mind, your heart, your body, your thoughts, your actions, your giving. And even your worshiping at Church or Synagogue, for even there you think about it when you see someone who is sexy in your eyes. So what you have to do is go back to Genesis, to the original mandate. And start to gradually reduce the amount of times that you have sex, because it was meant to have to only bring children into the world. And start changing your mindset about sex, so you could receive all the Crowns that are promised. James Dazouloute


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 Great Sex - But How Much Will It Cost You... SEE