3 Quick Survival Tips After Catching STD

Survival Tips, are things that you must have now within your bag of knowledge, so that if and when the time ever comes, then you will quickly react in a step by step plan so you can quickly overpower the infections. I share with you 3 quick tips today.

There is an old African saying that goes:
“ After the dance, the Drums are always too heavy to carry. “  And this is so true when it comes to catching a STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), since having fun and taking risks are part of human nature. But afterward, dealing with the end results are always harsh and painful. Also it is a weird thing in life, that when you're having fun, everybody joins you and even encourage you to keep on partying. But soon as trouble comes, then it seems you are alone, and as they say: “ Just me, myself and I. “ So enough of that, what is done is done, and now let us look 3 main things you must do to survive an STD.

First thing to do after catching STD is:  Listen To Your Body.
Yes dear friend, even the greatest Doctor in the world will never know when your pain starts, or just when your body starts to change to give you a call to come into the Clinic. And nobody knows you like you do, after all you've lived with this body for very long now. And you know every bump, every bruise, every cut and every sharp pain, as well as every discharge that your body experience. So as soon as you notice something is wrong, such as: An itchy section on your skin, a new pain within your sexual organs, or even worst a discharge; then it is your body screaming out to you that something has gone terribly wrong. Just like when a baby cries when something is wrong, just like an animal will lay around all day and make funny noises when in pain, so to Has God designed your body to sound the alarm. And with that, the next step.

Second quick tip: Run To The Clinic.
The earlier something is caught breaking down, the quicker it can be fixed without any great damages. Just like when a house catches on fire, the sooner the Fire Department arrives, the less damage that house will suffer. Or when a roof starts to leak, then the sooner the repairs start then the less damage to the carpet and furnitures. And so it is when you have a “ Sexually Transmitted Disease “, the sooner you alert the Doctor, the quicker your body will be restored, and no permanent damage will be done. For you have heard about people who caught “ Herpes '' and never got it treated, and then they lose their eyesight.  Or people who were Diabetic and never got it treated, and then the Doctor ends up having to cut – off their leg. So please I implore you, remember what is done is done. Stop trying to hunt the person down to take revenge, or to cuss them out, for unless you were raped, then you were a willing participant. So yes, take responsibility to get yourself treated, and of course after you have been examined and are given medication, then do try your best to make contact with the person to let he or she or them know that they too need treatment.

Third Survival Tip After Catching STD, In The 3 Quick Ones To Follow is: Stay Away From Sex During Treatment.
I know that the body goes through sexual cravings daily, it is part of your hormones. And just like when you have a craving to eat a gallon of ice cream, you don't. So you can also fight off the sexual craving, by focusing your energy on something else. Because at this time, your entire body has been disturbed and tainted with impurity, so anything you do to it that is part of what caused it, will only weaken it further. And remember your cells are truly your very best friend, for once they receive their instructions from your brain, they are working harder than Slaves to bring you up – to – date. So do rest, do stay away from sexual activities, do become a responsible sexual partner by not spreading your disease around, and then turn into an epidemic.

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Bonus Survival Tips After Catching STD: Take Your Antibiotics To The Very Last Drop.
Please, please do not make the same mistake that countless others have made, into thinking that as soon as they see an improvement, then it's okay to save the rest of the pills for later on. No my friend not you, for you are a Warrior. And you know that when you start a war, you must eradicate the problem or the enemy once and for all. Because the STD ( Sexually transmitted disease ) tried to wipe you out, and even the Generations that you were going to give birth to. And so you must return the favor with interest, by giving your good Warrior Cells all the equipment they need, to cause “ Shock And Awe “ into the enemy's heart. The STD. So fight for your survival, as I am right here with you to the very end. Leave me a comment when you are down and out, and I will still be here to encourage you on your path to recovery. James Dazouloute


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