12 Reasons To Let Your Parents Choose Your Spouse For You.

By James Dazouloute --- Your Parents love You and only want what's best for You. And so for that reason, they do not want somebody for you that you will love for today only, 
12 Reasons To Let Your Parents Choose Your Spouse For You.

but someone you will love 10 years from now, once you realize and finally understand what Marriage  is truly all about. Which is two best friends taking great care of one another, or a mother and father who only live for their children but are married, or a brother and sister figures - who just want to help one another. And so once you take away all the sex that happens at the beginning, all the petty envies, all the "I want my way or else", or all the I need to be independent... Then Marriage truly begins. And this is who your parents look for you to get married to. And so here are some facts about Arranged Marriages, and that is not to say that there is no abuse of all kinds in Arranged Marriages, because there is just as much of it as in regular marriages:

12 Reasons To Let Your Parents Choose Your Spouse For You.

  1. - Marie Antoinette was the first famous person to get her marriage arranged.
  2. - 90% of marriages in Middle East , Asia, Africa and India are arranged.
  3. - If you are in an arranged marriage and get divorced, your parents will disown you, because you have shamed them in the village.
  4. -  Arranged marriages are an accepted practice in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan and India, Bangladesh and some Muslim/Islam countries. 
  5. - According to a recent survey, 65 percent of Indian students believed the final decision on marriage should still be made by their parents.
  6. -  Before marriage you must never be left alone, unsupervised, because you may ruin your family's good name and reputation.
  7.  Arranged marriage leads to a less divorce rate, because you are still getting to know each other and falling in love.
  8. - Indian women can have up to 8 sons in an arranged marriage
  9. - Chinese, Hindu, and East Indians practice the most arranged marriages 
  10. - Some countries believe that having a boy is an honor because they believe that boys bring money into their families

12 Reasons To Let Your Parents Choose Your Spouse For You.

And Now, Here Are 12 Reasons To Let Your Parents Choose Your Spouse For You. 

1. You have your parents doing all the leg work for you in finding a spouse that you will love 10 years from now.

2. With an arranged marriage, you begin with very few illusions and very little expectations, and so you can only go up from there. But with love marriages, you reached the peak at your wedding and can only go down from there

3. When your parents are choosing for you, they are looking into the future and what your best friend will be like. And not just you looking at that perfect body right now

4. When your parents choose for you, the responsibility falls on their shoulder to help the marriage to work. So if you need a day off, they can come over to cook and clean and help out, because they got you into this.

5.  When you have an arranged marriage, you have a lifetime to get to know each other and fall in love, compared to love marriage where all the mystery is gone with premarital sex

6. When your parents choose your spouse for you, they have to make all the preparations, so you are stress-free from trying to get married. 
12 Reasons To Let Your Parents Choose Your Spouse For You.

7. Just remember, you should never marry your best sex partner, because if he or she loves sex so  much they will always cheat on you when the flame dies. And so just look at your parents after 25 years of marriage, is it sex or great friendship and awesome companionship that keep them together? And these are the things your parents are looking for you.

8. When your parents choose your spouse, you already have their blessings. So no refusal by them, no conflict of religion, no fighting between in-laws.

9. You claim you are dying to make your own decision, and so far you have failed at every turn, and have to turn to your parents for help. And so it's wrong if they help you choose a good spouse?

10. When your parents arrange a marriage for you, you can expect a full time commitment from your partner, because that person also has to honor their family by treating you right.

11. You want to marry someone who comes from a good family, because a good family name and reputation are important. After all you see this now in the news where spouses are embarrassed by what their husbands or wives have done, because those people don't care about their good family name and reputation, like Bill Cosby, like President Trump, like Ilhan Omar, like Kristen Stewart (See Celebrities Who Have Cheated And Shamed Their Family Name)

12. Much easier to have kids when your parents choose for you, because both sides are expecting a long bloodline, both sides want grandchildren, both sides need to continue on the family name. And so getting helped from them in time of needs is super easy
12 Reasons To Let Your Parents Choose Your Spouse For You.

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  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Western Society like America always want to tell the world what to do and how to live. Bunch of depraved drug addicts. kishmar

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Our parents gave us life, and so we owe it to them to honor them as they are helping us to choose the best mate. Ghupta

  3. Anonymous11:24 AM

    The news media will never tell you about the countless number of marriages that are successful, happy and wonderful. Only the few where the girl is unhappy.


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