What A Day... A Love Poem

 What A Day To Love.. A Poem..

What A Day! It all started out horribly and quite lonely, then out of the blue you called me and said: Today Is Your Day... Anything You Want. And then this poem about Love began to take a life of it's own. And now I am the happiest person in the world, for you have allowed me a Fantasy Come True today, and have chosen to overlook all my bad habits, my annoying ways, and even my quirky moods. O what a wonderful Love you are!

Yes, what a day, since you came over and grabbed me by the hands, looked deep into my eyes, and gave me the most wonderful kiss I have ever received as a gift. Then you presented me with that gift, you know, the one I have been wanting for the past  6 months, and now you have made it mine. And on top of that, you know the greatest meal that I love to eat, and you just had that delivered to me. But wait, you refuse to allow me to do anything, not even feed myself, because you have made this all about me and taking care of my needs. I truly feel like Royalty, and I am falling more and more in love with you because of your deep kindness.

O a great day for love it is! A wonderful day to be your love teddy bear, a nice day just to hold hands with you, a kind day to realize just how lucky I am, and a blessed day to have you in my arms as a gift from the Universe. And now you are continuing to shock me, because for each spoon of food you feed me with, you also place a gentle kiss on my cheeks as the highest place on my body, and from there you are only working your way down. And not to forget you are continuously giving me complements as to how great I am, and how blessed you are just to have met  me as a traveler in this physical realm.

What A Day! And what a great place for my heart. For you are the most amazing Love any person can be blessed to have, and the way that you are looking at me is so amazing because you are making me tingle all over with your tongue and your whole body, but now you have stopped, and from in between your thighs you tell me to reach in and feel you. But once I reached in... There It Was A Ring, and you asked me in the most unusual way to marry you?

This love poem is dedicated to you my wonderful love, so I can always remember this unforgettable moment, since you have now just become my unforgettable tune that has me singing with all the right chords. I am so happy right now, knowing that you are my greatest love of all to be, you are my precious gem that God Has blessed me with for life, and you are the key to my locked door of Happiness. O What A Day to be in love! What A Day to be kissing you! And What A Day to say Yes to your Proposal. I Love You, only You and there will never be another like You...

O What A Day... And now I pray a Prayer To The Four Corners OF The Earth For You:
I pray to the four directions.....hear me!
I pray to the West which gives us rest and reflection. I thank you for these gifts for without them we could not live. 
I pray to the North which gives us patience and purity. I thank you for these gifts for without them we could not live. 
I pray to the East which gives us energy and emotions. I thank you for these gifts for without them we could not live. 
I pray to the South which gives us discipline and direction. I thank you for these gifts for without them we could not live. 
I Love You With The Best Of Love For Life...  

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 What A Day To Love.. A Poem

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