Females Name That Mean Love in all languages

 Females Name that mean love in all languages..

What's in a name Beloved? Well you can ask Moses that, or the Christ, or Buddha, or Adam and Eve, but more recently you can ask Dr. King, Maya Angelou, the Pope... All because a Name describes the person's character, his or her destiny, that person's path to follow in life and what he or she could never get away from. And Here Are Some Names From The Bible... See Their Meaning And Understand Why Yours Was Given You
Andrew (Greek) - Matt. 4:18 - a strong man
Asher (Hebrew) - Gen. 30:13 – happiness
David (Hebrew) - 1 Sam. 16:13 - well-beloved, dear
Immanuel (Hebrew) - Isaiah 7:14 - God with us
Isaac (Hebrew) - Gen. 17:19 – laughter
Jason (Hebrew) - Acts 17:5 - he that cures
Jeremy (Hebrew) - 2 Chron. 36:12 - exaltation of the Lord
Jonathan (Hebrew) - Judges 18:30 - given of God
Lemuel (Hebrew) - Prov. 31:1 - God with them, or him
Luke (Greek) - Col. 4:14 - luminous; white
Matthias (Hebrew) - Acts 1:23 - the gift of the Lord
Solomon (Hebrew) - 2 Sam. 5:14 - peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses
Stephen (Greek) - Acts 6:5 - crown; crowned
Timothy (Greek) - Acts 16:1 - honor of God; valued of God
Tobias (Hebrew) - Ezra 2:60 - the Lord is good
Zacchaeus (Hebrew) - Luke 19:2 - pure; clean; just
Angela (Greek) - Gen. 16:7 – Angelic
Anna (Greek, from Hebrew) - Luke 2:36 - gracious; one who gives
Diana (Latin) - Acts 19:27 - luminous, perfect
Edna (Hebrew) - Gen. 2:8 - pleasure; delight
Elisha (Latin) - Luke 1:5 - salvation of God
Elizabeth (Hebrew) - Luke 1:5 - the oath, or fullness, of God
Jael (Hebrew) - Judges 4:17 - one that ascends
Jasper (Greek) - Exodus 28:20 - treasure holder
Joanna (Hebrew) - Luke 8:3 - grace or gift of the Lord
Michal (Hebrew) - 1 Sam. 18:20 - who is perfect?; who resembles God
Naomi (Hebrew) - Ruth 1:2 - beautiful; agreeable
Phoebe (Greek) - Rom. 16:1 - shining; pure
Victoria (Latin) - Deut. 20:4 – victory   And so ask yourself who named you and why, and what spiritual powers from above guided their thoughts and made them say what had to be said to name you. Also when you read Spiritual texts, you see that the higher powers and even the demons are always reluctant to give their names. Because when you know someone 's name, you automatically know their character, what they are about, what they are supposed to do, if you are still connected spiritually to the universe that is... And so in your relationship even, what names do you have for your sweetheart, what pet name do you call him or her by that is dear to you? And that pet name or loving name should describe their attribute. And to help you even further, take a look at those names below and see what they mean, also see if you are named one of those. For they are all geared toward love, tenderness, joy and romance. And I already know that you are a Romantic at heart just like me.... Your Love Relationship Guide, James Dazouloute

  • Lololi "There is always love (West African)"

Anglo Saxon

  • Darel "Tenderly loved"
  • Darelene "Tenderly loved"
  • Darelle "Tenderly loved"
  • Darlene "Tenderly loved"
  • Darline "Tenderly loved"
  • Daryl "Tenderly loved"


  • Amala "Bird; Beloved."
  • Arub "Loves her husband"
  • Aruba "Loves her husband"
  • Ashika "Passionate lover"
  • Ashiqa "Passionate lover"
  • Aziza "Cherished; Beloved"
  • Hababa "Beloved"
  • Habiba "Beloved "
  • Hayam "Deleriously in love"
  • Kalila "Dearly loved, darling, sweetheart"
  • Mahbouba "Beloved, well liked"
  • Mambuba "Beloved, well liked"
  • Olfa "Love, harmony"
  • Sababa "Excessive love"
  • Sababah "Excessive love"
  • Ulfa "Love, harmony"
  • Wedad "Love, friendship"
  • Widad "Love"
  • Wisal "Communion in love"


  • Grania "Love"
  • Kennocha "Lovely"
  • Morna "Dearly loved or tender"


  • Ludmila "Loved by the people"
  • Milada "My love"


  • Femi "Love"
  • Habibah "Loved"
  • Ife "Love"
  • Mert ekert "Lover of silence"
  • Ojufemi "Beloved of the gods"
  • Olufemi "Beloved of the gods"


  • Amia "Beloved."
  • Amie "Beloved."
  • Amy "Beloved."
  • Charis "Dear one, darling"
  • Charity "Benevolent goodwill and love."
  • Cherese "Dear one, darling"
  • Cheresse "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherice "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherisa "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherise "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherissa "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherrell "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherrill "Dear one, darling"
  • Cheryl "Dear one, darling"
  • Cheryll "Dear one, darling"
  • Danylynn "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Darla "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darleane "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darleen "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darleena "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darlene "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darlina "From Old English "dearling", darling"
  • Darolyn "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Darrellyn "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Darrill "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Darryll "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Daryl "Dearly loved."
  • Darylene "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Daryll "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Darylyn "Variations of Daryl meaning "Dearly loved."
  • Daveen "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davia "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davianna "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davida "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davina "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davine "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davinia "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davita "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davonna "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Davy "Beloved." Feminine of David."
  • Davynn "Beloved. Feminine of David."
  • Luvena "Little beloved one"
  • Luvina "Little beloved one"
  • Luvyna "Little beloved one"
  • Maitane "Dearly loved"
  • Maite "Dearly loved"
  • Maitena "Dearly loved"
  • Manda "Abbreviation of Amanda "worthy of being loved."
  • Mandalyn "Abbreviation of Amanda "worthy of being loved."
  • Mandi "Abbreviation of Amanda "worthy of being loved."
  • Mandie "Abbreviation of Amanda "worthy of being loved."
  • Mandy "Abbreviation of Amanda "worthy of being loved."


  • Nazneen "Exquisitely beautiful; charming. A name used for a beloved woman"


  • Aimee "Dearly loved. Variant of Amy."
  • Amata "Dearly loved"
  • Amedee "Loves God"
  • Ami "Dearly loved"
  • Amia "Beloved."
  • Amie "Beloved."
  • Amy "Dearly loved; Beloved."
  • Charee "Dear one, darling"
  • Cher "Dear one, darling"
  • Chere "Dear one, darling"
  • Cheree "Dear one, darling
  • Chereen "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherell "Dear one, darling"
  • Cheri "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherie "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherina "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherine "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherita "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherree "Dear one, darling"
  • Cherelle "Dear one, darling"


  • Holda "Beloved"
  • Holde "Beloved"
  • Holle "Beloved"
  • Hulda "Beloved; Warfare."
  • Hulde "Beloved"
  • Mina "Love"
  • Mindy "Love"
  • Minna "Love"
  • Minne "Love"


  • Aphrodite "Goddess of love"
  • Philomena "Greatly loved"
  • Philomina "Greatly loved"
  • Thais "Beloved"
  • Theophilia "Loved by God"


  • Halia "Remembrance of a loved one."
  • Kalei "The flower wreath; the beloved."


  • Ahava "Dearly loved"
  • Ahave "Dearly loved"
  • Ahuda "Dearly loved"
  • Ahuva "Dearly loved"
  • Chaviva "Dearly loved"
  • Chavive "Dearly loved"
  • Tivona "Love's nature"
  • Vida "Dearly loved"
  • Vidette "Dearly loved"


  • Hita "Loveable"


  • Asthore "Loved one"
  • Caoimhe "Lovely and charming"
  • Kevay "Lovely and charming"
  • Merna "Beloved"
  • Morna "Beloved"
  • Muirne "Beloved"
  • Myma "Beloved"


  • Cara "Beloved"
  • Carina "Beloved"
  • Filomena "Loves mankind. Beloved." Variant of Philomena."


  • Ai "Love"
  • Aiko "Love child, child of love"


  • Cara "Doe; Beloved."
  • Caralea "Beloved."
  • Caralee "Beloved."
  • Caralisa "Beloved."
  • Carella "Beloved."
  • Carena "Little darling"
  • Cari "Beloved."
  • Cariana "Little darling"
  • Carillie "Beloved."
  • Carin "Little darling"
  • Carina "Little darling"
  • Carine "Little darling"
  • Carinna "Little darling"
  • Carita "Giving; Beloved."
  • Carrina "Little darling"
  • Charity "Giving. Benevolent goodwill and love."
  • Davida "Dearly loved"
  • Venita "Goddess of love and beauty"
  • Venus "Goddess of love and beauty"


  • Frigga "Goddess of matrimonial love"
  • Torunn "Mother of Bishop of Bjorn "Thor's love"
  • Unn "Love"
  • Unne "Love"


  • Azarmidokht "Beloved daughter"
  • Banuhufriya Loving lady
  • Delara "Beloved"
  • Delbar "Keeper of the heart, lover, heart-ravisher"
  • Delnavaz "Caresser of the heart"
  • Delruba Ravishing of the heart
  • Fila "Lover"
  • Freny "Beloved"
  • Friya "Beloved"
  • Friyana "Beloved"
  • Habibeh "Beloved"
  • Hufriya "One who possesses much love"
  • Meher "Sun, love, friendship, kindness, justice"
  • Meherafraz "Exalted by love"
  • Meherafrid "Created by love"
  • Meherafruz "Kindled by love"
  • Meherangiz "One who created love"
  • Meherbanu "Lady of love"
  • Nazanin "Sweetheart"
  • Negar "Sweetheart"
  • Rozmeher "Day of love and light"
  • Salma "Sweetheart"
  • Shahnaz "The king's favorite, the king's beloved"
  • Sheyda "Lovesick"
  • Vispanfriva "Beloved of all"


  • Ljudumilu "Beloved"
  • Luda "Love of the people"
  • Ludmila "Love of the people"
  • Ludmilla "Beloved"
  • Lyubochka "Love of the people"
  • Lyudmila "Love of the people"
  • Lyuha "Love of the people"
  • Mila "People's love"
  • Milena "People's love"


  • Kama "Love"


  • Asta "Love"
  • Freya "Mythological wife of Odin and goddess of love and fertility"
  • Frigg "Beloved"
  • Hulda "Weasel; loveable"
  • Kari "Dear, valued, loved (KAH-ree)"
  • Karita "Dear, valued, loved"
  • Sjofn "Love (SYOH-fn)"
  • Torrun "Loved by Thor (TORR-un)"
  • Unn "Love (oon)"


  • Amada "Beloved."
  • Amor "Love"
  • Amora "Love"
  • Cari "Short for Caridad, meaning darling or beloved"
  • Carida "Darling, beloved"
  • Caridad "Darling, beloved"
  • Maite "Love"
  • Maitea "Love"
  • Querida "Beloved"


  • Adabel "Lovely or happy"
  • Adhelle "Lovely or happy"
  • Alvera "Dearly loved"
  • Alverna "Dearly loved"
  • Alvernia "Dearly loved"
  • Alvina "Dearly loved"
  • Alvinia "Dearly loved"
  • Alvira "Dearly loved"


  • Afet "Loveable"
  • Canan "Beloved (pronounced jah-NAHN)"
  • Janan "Beloved"
  • Sevda "Love"


  • Anghard "Loved greatly"
  • Gwener "Welsh form of Venus "goddess of love"


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