8 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces.

 8 Reasons Celebrities  show you not to get divorced..

The Bid "D", the big ugly word "Divorce". Nobody really likes that word deep down inside, because when you enter into a relationship, into a partnership, into a union, into a merger and into a oneness of two souls into one, then you have no plans, nor do you imagine ever having to rip apart this beautiful melting and glued - together of two hearts. Why? Because as Human Beings you were bred to love, you were created to demonstrate love and you you were sent down here as Spirit beings to share love, thereby enlarging the entire universe that is made out of love and because of love. So when you are so angry or so sad with your soul mate that you can  not see any way to return to the light of love, but only stay in the abyss of sadness, into the pit of arguments, into the well of abuse, into the dark hole of sad tears, then the road to divorce seems to be the only way to regain your sanity. 

And since all human beings are the same, regular folks and celebrities alike, all want to be happy. Also since we are all emotional junkies, meaning we do things based on our emotions and not on logic, then the moment that we find ourselves unhappy in a relationship, in a marriage, then we soon forget our vows, we soon forget all the happy days, we soon forget all the joy and laughter shared with that other Sentient being, and we soon remember no more the passion and deep love that exists in our marriage. And so we need a divorce because we only see and feel what is going on right now, we only want to be happy today and forget yesterday, nor do we worry about tomorrow. 

But we don't seem to fully take into account, the big tear that we are creating between 2 perfect souls as one - into 2 damaged and scarred souls. We don't take into account the deep psychological effect on the children who are the glue for both souls, for they were created out of the union of love. We don't fully take into account the financial damage we are doing to each other by separating our assets, when we could accomplish so much more with combined assets that give us more money to invest with. We also don't take into account the damage we are doing to our own psyche, by ripping apart our deep mental union with another being who was perfect for us, and that will cause us to become unstable for the rest of our lives, since once you have been divorced you are 90% more likely to have another, and another, and another the moment that you feel unhappy again, or are not getting what you want for yourself to satisfy the Me, Me, Me... 


But Selfishness is always the reason for Divorce, as each person stops taking care and worrying about their sweetheart, but now start to focus fully on Me, Me, Me and my needs only. Then this causes each person to become a monster, to become dangerously adventurous, to become an emotional drug addict, to become selfishly destructive, to become a sex addict, to become a murderer of love, an assassin of Godly vows that are murdered in hate - in selfishness - in darkness - in silliness - in lust - in cheating - in material greed - in dark passion and in only worrying about Me, Me, Me... So with all these in mind, Allow Me To Share With You 8 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces, that were not only materially expensive, but many have ignored how expensive these divorces were on the soul mates mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, sentimentally.... Oh As Always, What A Great Loss Of Love... Your Relationship Coach, James Dazouloute









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