How To Break Up A Relationship Properly When You Have To

 How to break up a love relationship...

Breaking up is always hard to do! And that goes for any kind of relationship at any level and in any area of your life. That is because you are tearing apart two energies that used to be one between two people, and those two beings were connected in love, in passion, in sex, in dreams shared and in a future designed only by them. And now it is the end of the line, and now it is time to depart and leave behind all the time, all the energy, all the passion, all the shared dreams, all the accumulated material things, all the souvenirs, all the soft kisses, all the laughter etc... Oh What A Waste! 

After all once you have been with someone, you have invested a lot of yourself in that relationship, you have taken many risks each time you had unprotected sex and even shared a kiss where sharing infected saliva was a gamble. And you even allowed yourself to be vulnerable when that lover was angry, or just having a bad day and your happiness rested in the palm of their hands. But now you are feeling no more love, and the part of you that wants to leave outweighs by 70/30 the part that wants to stay, and the leaving part is growing more and more everyday. 

 How to break up a relationship...

But just how do you break up properly? How do you know that you are not just going through a rough patch? How do you make sure that you are making the right decision, especially when you know how painful it is when you are truly alone? And what process do you use to make this decision like a business decision that is well thought out? Well Not To Worry, as I have provided you with a form below that you can use to properly evaluate your current relationship. And believe me I hate break ups, and if you know my writing, then you will know that I usually focus on keeping couples together. But Sometimes It Is A Must. 

So Fill Out This Form, And Be Truthful And Honest With No Exageration, Then You Can Truly Know If You Must Break Up With Your Sweetheart Or Not:

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Do you ever want to see him/her again?

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 How To Break Up A Relationship...


  1. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Yep, breaking up is hard to do

  2. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Nobody likes to break up except when they have had enough. Eleanor

  3. Anonymous12:35 AM

    A vicious cycle, get together, then break up.

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