7 Ways To Initiate Sex In Your Relationship

 7 ways to have the best sex

Sex in your relationship is a vital component for staying together, because Sex is not just a physical activity that you can do without, but it is also mental, sentimental and spiritual. For they all keep you two connected as soul mates, as life partners, as co-travelers of the universe and they keep your spiritual bond forever strong. And did you know that the highest and strongest form of energy in the world is Sexual Energy or when you are just about to reach an orgasm? Because for that to happen it takes all 7 of your chakras or main energy centers to work in unison to release a force that is relatively 10 times stronger than an Atomic bomb. And as a matter of fact, if you ever want something big from the universe, and you want to speak it, attract it and receive it, then the best time will be just when you are having an orgasm right at the beginning of it you want to speak that desire, because your whole body is exploding, violently shaking, and from the tip of your toes to the last hair strand on your head emanate an invincible energy that carries the God factor. And just think back when you had not had a Sex for a while in your love relationship, and today you are feeling attractive, sexy, romantic and energetic; and now you allow that feeling to build up inside you all day long, then you do foreplay with your sweetheart all day by flirting, by texting sexy images, by leaving love notes, by caressing that person's body parts and then walk away, and then you finally come together to make love and spend a good 20 minutes of foreplay and kissing each other all over secret places, all to allow that highest form of energy, that pure sexual and orgasmic energy to build up to its highest peak, and then you both open up your heart, your feelings for each other, your deep love for one another and your passion for romance and sexual pleasures, and now you can imagine just how much of an explosive orgasm you two will have and how much energy will flow out of you both, and why you two will be so drained afterward. So this is why Sex will always be an important and vital component in your relationship, not just because it allows you to reproduce. So today you must make Sex a priority, you must find ways to initiate it with your sweetheart, you must allow yourself to become fully aroused without any self release, you must allow your mind to go to that place where you desire your soul mate with the strongest needs to be touched, to be caressed, to be kissed, to be licked, to be eaten, to be enjoyed, to be made love to, to be fondled, to be enjoyed; and then you must fully communicate this to your sweetheart right now. And never settle for self pleasure, because you are losing out on the highest connection that 2 sentient beings could ever make to release the strongest and highest form of energy in the universe. Your Relationship Coach, James Dazouloute

 7 ways to have the best sex...

So Today, Allow Me To Share With You 7 Easy Ways To Initiate Sex In Your Love Relationship

1. Put it in writing. 
Nowadays you have no excuses for not communicating your desires with all the technology that is around you. So Stop Being Shy, or claiming that anyway, and share your thoughts, your wants and needs with your sweetheart. Tell that person what you want to do, or what you would love to be done to you.
 7 funny ways to have sex..

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2. Establish an “I’m in the mood” code. 
The two of you are soul mates, so establish between the two of you certain keywords that you will use on a permanent basis, so the other will know that you are in the mood for Sex. And those keywords can be: I have a tension headache, I want to watch a movie, my feet are aching, my ears are throbbing... And you can use these no matter where you're at and no one else will know the true meaning.
 7 easy ways to have sex..

3. Get—and stay––in the mood. 
Find little reasons to get yourself in the mood, just like you used to be at the beginning of your great relationship. Wear something sexy, eat a food that arouses you, listen to a song that melts your heart, look at a sexy picture of a body part of your sweetheart - and not public Porn - since it robs you of that connection, and you will find yourself fantasizing about all sorts of people like your ex.
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4. Send a nonverbal cue.
Communication is 6% verbal and 94% non verbal. So for those who want to talk all the time, you best remember that. A touch, a look, a caress, a wave of the hands can say what a thousand words couldn't. Give signals to your sweetheart that you want to have Sex.
 7 best ways to have sex..
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5. Try something new together. 
And that doesn't mean you have to get into B.D.S.M or abusive sex, it just means that you can go out of town together, you can go fishing together, you can paint a canvas together, because any of these will bring you closer and make you feel intimate which will make you want to have Sex.
 7 best ways to have sex..
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6. Be generous with compliments. 
And do not stop with them, not after 1 month, 2 years, or 10 years. Because all human beings have hundreds of things that are perfect about them and thousands of things that are imperfect. So this is your sweetheart and your baby, choose to positively reinforce that person.
 7 ways to have sex today..
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7. Change the timing. 
Don't stay on a tight schedule, go for spontaneity. After all, this is your relationship, your sex life, your sweetheart and your playground of enjoyment.
 7 best ways to have sex..
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 7 ways to have the best sex in your relationship..


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