7 Reasons Not To Wear Pants For A Better Relationship

 7 reasons not to wear pants...

Wearing pants, for men it is a must since they are not delicate creatures, but for women this subject is iffy since they are the flowers of humanity and have perfectly delicious fragile parts that must not be stuff.  And even though men wear pants they are at risk of damaging their sperm counts since their balls can not stand to overheat. And for women, they have to let down there breathe and not allow too much moisture to be created.  But before I go any further, here is little bit of history about pants:
  • In Asia both women and men have long worn pants for warmth, comfort, and convenience. In Rome and Greece women and men wore tunics.
  • In the fourth century, women in the Western world wore pants, which they adapted from the Persians. At that time, pants were considered unmanly.
  • By the Middle Ages in Europe women were wearing dresses and men were wearing breeches.
  • After the French Revolution, men took off their high heels, silk stockings, and wigs and began wearing trousers.
  • In the nineteenth century women put on trousers to ride horses, but they hid them by wearing full skirts on top.
  • All trousers were pull-ons until the nineteenth century, when front closures using buttons were introduced.
  • Jeans were the first trousers to put women and men on equal terms.
  • Until 1970 it was not fashionable and sometimes against the law for women to wear pants in offices, classrooms, and restaurants in the U.S.

Now Let's Look At 7 Reasons Not To Wear Pants For A Better Relationship:

1. Pants hide sexy butts.

Pants make it unnecessarily difficult to appreciate butts, which are scientifically perfect. According to Smithsonian magazine, the human brain finds circles and curves aesthetically pleasing, which means pants hinder happiness.
7 Totally Scientific Reasons Pants Are Evil
Adam Ellis

2. Pants will burn up your testicles and cause infertility!

Tight pants can cause testicles to overheat, lowering sperm count, and possibly leading to infertility. According to specialist Dr. Paul Turek, a rise in temperature by even a couple degrees could negatively effect sperm count. In short, by wearing pants you’re an accomplice in the extinction of the human race, and the only sure way to be safe is to forgo pants entirely.
7 Totally Scientific Reasons Pants Are Evil
Adam Ellis

3. Pants are cumbersome and lead to bladder infections.

When you’ve gotta pee, pants prove an unnecessary element in a situation where time is of the essence. According to Columbia University, holding in your pee can lead to cystitis, UTIs, and other infections. A ban on pants would certainly lead to a drop in these conditions and lead to a longer, happier life.
7 Totally Scientific Reasons Pants Are Evil
Adam Ellis

4. Pants cause spine problems.

Pants can limit the mobility of your hips, causing back issues. American Chiropractic Association president Dr. Richard Brassard warns that tight pants lead to poor posture and misalignment of the spine. Ditch the pants and stretch your back.
7 Totally Scientific Reasons Pants Are Evil
Adam Ellis

5. Pants hide your legs, which are officially* the hottest part of the body.

*Next to butts. Also there’s no real science behind this claim, but c’mon. Legs are the best. Google “rugby player legs” real quick and you’ll understand.
7 Totally Scientific Reasons Pants Are Evil
Adam Ellis

6. Jeans never fit right, no matter how often you wash them.

You have to keep washing your jeans so they fit, but they always get loose and baggy again, so you have to wash them again and again and again. Do you know what it’s called when you keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? Insanity. Pants make you insane. Laundry is insane. Burn all your pants.
7 Totally Scientific Reasons Pants Are Evil
Adam Ellis / Via Samsung

7. Pants can cause serious medical conditions to your legs.

Restriction of the legs can cause meralgia paresthetica, characterized by tingling, numbness, and burning of the thighs. Your legs want to be free, not trapped in some denim prison.
7 Totally Scientific Reasons Pants Are Evil
Adam Ellis

Credit source link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/daves4/the-absolute-worst-things-in-the-world/

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