12 Pictures Of Love For You To Appreciate Your Relationship

 12 Love Pictures to help you fall in love again...

Love is great, Love is perfect, Love is eternal, Love is awesome, Love is powerful and Love is always for you. And this is why you must always do your best to make the best out of love, especially since you know that nothing is guaranteed in life and your happiness in love today, could be ripped away from you as soon as your sweetheart changes his/her mind. So this is why you must do everything you can to keep that person in your corner, you must always do a little something romantic for that person every day. Not because your sweetheart is evil, it is just because that is the nature of the universe. For example, look at your grass in front of your house, if it doesn't get any water at least 3 times a week, then it will die. Look at your car, if you don't do maintenance on it, then it will soon break down. Look at the animals, if they don't get  any food and water at least 4 times a week, they will soon die of starvation. Look at your body, if you don't take a shower at least 2 times a week, it will soon begin to break down. If every single thing around you break down if it's not being maintained or fed, then what makes you think that your Love can survive on sex once a month, on a hug every 2 months, on a kiss every 3 months, on a cuddle and massage session every 6 months, on a date only twice a year, on a gift only once a year? Yes this is what you do in your love relationship after you have both fallen in love,  and this is quite weird, but people will spend more time at work than on their love relationship, they will spend more time at the gym, than on their love relationship, they will spend more time with their friends than with their sweetheart, they will spend more time with their relatives than they will spend with their own romantic family.... This Is So Crazy! And yet you will quickly say that love doesn't last, that people no longer stay together for life, that marriage is for the naive, that making love every day is for teenagers, that giving a kiss every hour is for young fools in love, that going on dates is only for when you first met. Are You Listening To Yourself Beloved? Yet you wonder why you are not as happy in your love relationship as you should be. And then you have  the audacity to blame the other person, as if you are the puppet, and it is up to them to always make the first move in every area of the relationship. Well No More Beloved, because starting today, I am helping you along so you could pull your heart up by the romantic bootstraps and begin to love again, begin to make things happen in your love relationship that you want to happen. Yes, do begin to fall in love all over again, do make yourself available for your sweetheart. Because like the great Buddha said: The middle path is the best path. And so do not give your job, your kids, your relative, your workouts, your hair, your sports all your time. Balance everything out, and take the middle path where you give your love relationship equal time, if not more. Because I have told you time and time again, you would never disrespect your Boss or your Job by not going in for a week, or a month, just because you don't feel like it. Yet you will starve your relationship for a week, for a month, just because you claim you are not in the mood, but as soon as a new person looks at you in the street, then you are quickly in the mood? Enough of that, Here Are 12 Pictures Of Love For You To Appreciate Your Relationship Today, And Begin Fixing Things. Your Relationship Coach, James Dazouloute

1. This Is What Your Love Relationship Should Be Like Every Day..
 12 pictures of love to help you..

2. You Are Supposed To Make Your Sweetheart Laugh..
 12 ways to be romantic for life..

3. Romance Should Always Be At The Forefront, There Should Always Be Time For A Dance...
 12 reasons why you must stay in love....

4. This Is Your Own Little Romantic Family, So Stop Tearing It Apart, And Then Have Baby Mamma And Baby Daddy Apart.
 12 perfect ways to keep love whole..

5. You And Your Baby Are One Unit, Welded Together By Love, Remember That.
 12 ways to stay in love today..

6. You Should Be Proclaiming Your Love To One And All Everywhere..
 12 pictures of love to help you..

7.  Never Stop Flirting With Your Sweetheart, No Complaining. 
12 reasons to fall in love..

8.  When Things Are Tough In Your Love Relationship, Remember Your Loving Duties.
 12 reasons not to give up on love..

9. How Far Would You Go To Get Your Sweetheart?. To The End Of The World, That's How Far..
 12 ways to stay in love today..

10. Romance Should Never Die In Your Love Relationship. Never... 
 12 ways to stay in love..

11. People Are Emotional Junkies, And You Need To Tell Your Baby Everyday How You Feel. After all you can complain to your friends everyday about what you are not getting, so reverse that.
 12 pictures of love to help you..

12. Always Keep Love At The Forefront Of Your Mind And Heart, Always Try To Find Ways To Stay In Love.
 12 reasons You must always stay in love..

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