15 Strange Sex Facts To Know

 15 strange facts about Sex..

Sex in your relationship is vital if you want to keep it going, because when you have it and reach a great orgasm with your sweetheart it releases so many chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins etc... All to help you two fall  more in love with one another, all to help cure stresses, all to help give you excitement and energy, all to give you passion for living another great day. So why not have more sex with your great love, why not re-connect like you did the first time, why not caress your one true love, why not make it a goal to make love to your one and only sweetheart daily??? Why Not? And notice that I do not encourage you to have multiple partners at different times or all at once, because this article is not about you mixing your vital fluids and priceless energy source with every dog that has fleas, and then risk taking on their diseases, their negative energy, and even risk intertwining your soul for life with people you care nothing about. No, lovemaking and sex should be one in the same and not an activity like running, or skiing or dancing, it should be important to you because you are sharing your skin, your fluids, your thoughts, your dreams, your soul and who you are completely each time you have sex. And so as you do, there are certain little facts you need to be aware of about sex, about how much people need it, about how important it is to grow old blissfully, about the inner workings of it and about the science of it even. All because if it wasn't for sex, you would not have been born, and if it's not for sex you will not have any true bloodline of your own (Sure you can adopt or you can let someone else's sperm do it for you, but your bloodline needs you, your personality and all that make you who you are). So always learn all you can about sex, even the scientific parts and not just the Kama Sutra. Your Relationship Coach, James Dazouloute

15 Not-So-Important Facts About Sex

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Tags: 15 strange facts about sex, What to know about sex, Sex and the science of it
 15 strange facts abouts Sex...

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