True Love... Here Is Exactly What It Means.

 How to understand True Love...

Because I feel Your frustration, your sadness along with your disappointments about Love. But in all fairness, it's not really Love that has you feeling these ways, rather it is People. Yes the ones who come to you smiling, and trying to seduce you. And for the most part, People are good, and when they come to you or into your life, they really have feelings for you, they really want to be with you, and they really want to treat you right. And I tell you all this Beloved, because you have seen all these qualities at the beginning of all great Love Relationships. And it's always somewhere down the line, that those People lose focus, somewhere they lack understanding, somewhere they have not learned wisdom, somewhere they have not been able to communicate properly, and somewhere temptations kicked in and they fell victim to them. And maybe it is Me who is always seeing the best in people, then again I have You at an advantage Beloved, because I have been studying the Human Heart, and Human Psyche for a long time. So I know that people mean well, and they just lack strength of character and wisdom for True Love.

 How to understand True Love...

So Today, I am going to share with you, just what True Love Really Means between 2 wonderful people... You and Your Soul Mate:
T. Trust
R. Romance
U. Understanding
E. Excitement
L. Listening
O. Overcoming
V. Valuable
E. Everything

 What is True Love...

T... Trust, because there must be Trust established in that great relationship at the very beginning, and because great seeds must be planted to have a perfect harvest. And the way you do that is, the 2 people must begin to communicate their doings and their whereabouts right at the beginning, Voluntarily. And by volunteering information overload, and allowing one another to verify the statements, the whereabouts of each other. Then Trust begins to build, because each person will begin to see that the other has Character. And after a while, the other Lover will quickly say: Oh, I know my Baby, and he or she is doing this or that, or would not do this or that. But First, You must take the lead and condition that person as to Who You Are in Honesty, in Accountability and in Keeping Your Word. -- No Excuses --

R... Romance, because after Trust, this is the quintessential ingredient, or the fire that Love needs to keep its flames going for life. And you see this all the time, a great relationship is going along, a great marriage is doing wonderful, and 2 people are living in good love... But then, they allow Romance to start to die out, because of jobs, of kids, of stresses, of fear, of getting old, and of excuses. So You Need Romance to have True Love, To Fall In It, And To Keep Going In It. And so everyday, do something Romantic, every hour send a text, every night make a little love, every week give a gift, every month make a sacrifice.

U... Understanding, because you two must understand each other. You two must be on the same page, reading the same book and in the same chapter. And you see this all the time, 2 people who are married, and because there is no Trust, no Romance in the first place, and then there is no kindness and only Selfishness. And then you will see each person doing their own thing, and can't stand each other. But since they have a Mortgage to pay, or kids together, then they stay together. So You must not let this happen in your True Love Relationship, you must talk with Your Beloved daily, hourly, and every minute you get a chance... Then you will always have Understanding.

E... Excitement, and Adventure. You will definitely need these two, if you want True Love. Because The Heart, needs excitement, and it will get that with some kind words, a nice gift, some nice flowers, a great exotic vacation, a little fishing trip, a road trip just for two, a weekend getaway.... Anything for excitement, anything to maintain True Love, and keep it going.

 True Love For Me...

L... Listening. And this one you must have in between the two of you. Because True Love will not exist, nor go on, if nobody is willing to listen. And when I say Listen: I mean Effective Listening. In other words stop shouting out fast answers as soon as the other person starts to tell you what is wrong, because you are in such a rush to justify your behaviors, also in a hurry to show you are right, and that you will not be dominated. So you become combative in a friendly way, and refuse to Truly Listen. So Starting Today, when the other is talking to you and with you, just shut down your mind completely, and begin to listen to the entire speech. And then, repeat to your sweetheart the key points that were covered, and then you can begin to share. Because You Will Get, what you give.. Sooner Than Later.

O... Overcoming. Being In Love and having your True Love is a special blessing from God. And so, you must do whatever it takes for you two to overcome silly little arguments, to get beyond little misunderstandings, and to work together as one team, one unit in love. Besides, remember how you felt when you had No Love, remember how much your heart was aching just to have someone to cuddle with. And now that this Love is yours, Do Whatever It Takes... Take Lead, And Begin To Overcome All Negativity... For The Sake Of True Love.

V... Valuable. Because in Love, there is great value in your Love Teddy Bear. After all, that's the reason why you fell in love with that person in the first place, because you just couldn't stand not to have their heart, their body and their mind all to yourself. So remember the great feeling you had when you fell in love, and if it happened once, it can happen again. And the sad part is when you see 2 people in love, or seemingly out of love, and they just refuse to try to recapture that love. Because of Pride, because of Stubbornness, because of Me - Me - Me... So Starting Today, begin to Value your True Love, and remember all the time this Baby of yours made you feel so good.

E... Everything. And this wraps up True Love. Because when you make it your Everything, then nothing can make you give up, nothing and no one can come in between you two. Because you have willingly made This Love of yours all that you need to live, to breathe, and to retire on. So Again, Starting Today, begin to take control of your Love. Stop Whining. Stop Playing Victim. Stop Waiting For The Other Person To Make You Feel Loved. Stop Saying: If Only.... You Should Step In and speak Love, You should kick Shyness and Pride out, and go recapture your Love. Because this is, True Love... This Is, What You Need For The Rest Of Your Days... Your Love Advocate,  James Dazouloute

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