Wish Upon A Star... A Love Poem.

By James Dazouloute --- Wish Upon A Star, is what I dream of doing to find the love of my dreams, to complement the lonely nights of my life, and to give to me a perfect reason to live a harmonious life. 
Wish Upon A Star... A Love Poem.

And so I wish upon a star that is falling down in my little space of Heaven, as I look up on my lucky day. I wish upon You, my sweet love, to arrive soon at the door steps of my life.

Yes my love, I am wishing upon a star to drop you gently out of the sky and into my strong-waiting arms. I am wishing that you would also not be what I expected at all, since all my past Lovers have been nothing but silly mistakes by me, where Ms. Infatuation fooled me and I thought that I had found the person of my dream who was just like me. So please, Angelic Star, I wish upon the one who is my exact opposite and a perfect fit for me.

Wish Upon A Star... A Love Poem.

I am wishing, and continue to wish... For that is my duty to do so until my True Soul Mate finally arrives. And I will never stop looking up in the sky for that falling star, and I am sorry that a Perfect and Wonderful Star like you is falling down to your doom, and your shining reign is ending. But I need your angelic powers, I need your immense powers to make wishes come true, and I need you to help me live out My Dreams of True Love.

I need you Oh Great Star, I need Love just like you do, I need my heart to illuminate from the inside out with perfect love. After all, isn't that what our God's Universe was created out of and to live for? Of course it was, so please I wish upon a Star, any Star, since all of you are Light-Beings. And I will bless you in front of God for having helped me, just when I was at my loneliest, and just when I was lost without my Love.

Wish Upon A Star... A Love Poem.

I am not ashamed to say: I am wishing upon a star to bring me the desires of my heart. I am anxiously awaiting to reconnect with My Spiritual Partner, and I will never stop to look up as I pray, as I wish, and as my heart is so empty and so needy of Love. Oh won't any of the gods help me find my love? And won't even the Holy Angels who were assigned to protect me, help me unite or reunite with my partner? And won't a Falling Star grant me A Wish to get the love of my life?

O Come Love! O come my Strength! O come my Peace! O come my Love-Maker! O come my Reason To Live! Because I Am Wishing Upon A Star Just For You... 


Rose Royce Sings.. I Am Wishing On A Star


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  1. Anonymous12:25 AM

    We all wish for love. Great love poem

  2. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Must have love? Then wish upon a star

  3. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Funny thing called Love, you need it but can not have it. And so you wish


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