What Is The Definition Of Love... 3 Types To Master.

By James Dazouloute --- What Is The Definition Of Love? 3 Types To Master, and then you will be the happiest person in love all around. Because
What Is The Definition Of Love... 3 Types To Master.

 once you finally understand the true definition of Love and it's great powers, then you will be able to twist love every which way possible. So I Show You 3 types that encompass Love

Love is defined generally as an intense emotion that is felt within the deep crevices of your heart. Also love is a warm feeling of peaceful euphoria, that makes you feel like all will be well, no matter what may come. As well Love is the great Volumizer, since it can multiply your abilities in any area for good or evil. Meaning, if a loved one is hurt and pinned under a car, then Love can center all your energies into one area of your body, and allow you to lift that car and get your Baby out from under. Or if you feel, or find - out that your heart is being betrayed, then Love can intensify your emotions so much that you end up taking on a whole army of giant soldiers, in order to get revenge. And so with this definition of love, I now will share with you the 3 types of Love that you must, must master and understand so you can have it at your feet at all times like God does.

What Is The Definition Of Love... 3 Types To Master.

First definition of Love and type to understand and master is: Agape Love.
Agape Love is Godly Love. It is the kind of Love that God had for you, has for you now and will continue to have no matter what. And this is the kind of Love that God has been pushing on you to have in any, and all kinds of relationship that you are part of. Because this is the most important type, as all the other types will make you leave once you're unhappy. But this Love is the highest love, because it is unconditional. It is the kind of Love that you have chosen to give to anybody of your own free will, and no matter what happens you will always have this type of Love for that person. And this is why you see, hear, witness and read about how much God Loves you, because He loved you when you were unlovable. And with this type of Love ( Agape ), you must enter every relationship. Whether it is with a new friend, a family member, your parents, a new lover, a husband or a wife, a child and even a new enemy. Because with this Love you will never be a puppet of rights or wrongs done to you.

Second type of Love to have is: Fileo Love.
Fileo Love is a “ Friendship Love “, it is the kind of Love that you must have when interacting with others in all areas of life and in all levels. Fileo Love allows you to feel for someone, to share your friendship. But it is Conditional. For this one is based upon the other person's behavior, but it is an important one since you have to hold people accountable for their actions. Since many have trampled on Agape Love, because it is so unconditional. And you already know for any kind of relationship to work, both parties have to get involved, both parties have to come to the table with something and both parties have to give their word, and keep it. And this is why you must have Fileo Love, as part of the definition of Love as it is very dependent upon the other person's good behavior, and even yours as well.

Third Type Of Love that your body can not live without is: Romantic Love.
Yes romantic Love is probably the most fleeting of all 3 types, because you can not control your feelings or the other person's feelings, and how those feelings move, change, evolve, grow, rescind, renege, or even betray. This type of Love is based purely upon emotions of the heart, the Loving words that are spoken, and the sensuous caresses that are shared between both people. This is the type of love that is shared between boyfriend and girlfriend, fiancees, spouses. Because it is a sexual love, and it is extremely needed just like the other two, because when you were created by God, He had placed this mandate inside your heart, your body and mind to: Be fruitful, multiply and procreate as well. And so all your life down here, your heart will always yearn for this particular type of Love, since you will always want to hold hands, you will always want to be caressed and kissed, and you will always want to make love and have great orgasms.
What Is The Definition Of Love... 3 Types To Master.

What Is The Definition Of Love... 3 Types To Master. So as you can see dear friend, in defining Love you have realized that Love is not singular, but plural. Since it has many faces, and has many levels as well. All because Love is only second to God, and this is why you have heard that God Is Love. But Love is not just God, since He is so much more. And another thing to know about the extremely great power of Love is that, before wisdom and knowledge were even allowed to hang around God, Love was inside God's Heart, mind and at His feet even. For this is the reason why the entire universe, as well as the Heavens were created for. Including you and I, because the whole thing is about love. And you have even heard it said: For God Loved the world so much that He gave His only Begotten Son, so that anyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. And this is why God died for you and I, all because of Love that is so powerful. 

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