to adore you or to bury my emotions

TO LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE... To be happy or to be sad, to find joy or to be miserable, to keep my privacy or to share all that I am with my love, to keep all that I have or to give all away and gain double, to experience love or to be alone forever, to find my soul mate or be forever traveling alone... Oh what to do, what to do!!! I am at an impasse and I need You my sweet love to clear my heart for me, to inspire my decision in love. I am yours but I am afraid to love you, I am afraid of death and that he may take you away from me, I am in love but I sense that Love does not love for me to be happy.

 How I love you so much..

TO LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE... And to adore you or to bury my emotions, to make sweet love to you or to please myself, to help you become more or to only live my dream, to be your hero or to tell you to do for yourself, to be amazing with you or to be okay by myself... Oh what a dilemma! Oh what to do, what to do! I do know that you my love are running through my veins, that you carry the nutrients that make life worth living right to my heart, that you are the ventricles of my heart and I need you to live. Oh me, oh my heart! I want to be like Romeo, I need my Juliet. I want to be the happiest person in the world, and I know I can't do that alone without my forever love. 

TO LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE... To be perfect in love or to be alright in life. To have constant orgasms from the gentle touch of the one I love or to pleasure myself and feel nothing. To become an admirer of your wonderful heart or to pretend I need nothing from you. To be touched deep inside the heart because you need me so much or to just live my life. To be awesome with you at my side or to be known only by my fake friends at work and on social media. To be the one you love or to allow another to get all of you. Oh TO LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE... I CHOOSE TO LOVE. I CHOOSE TO LOVE YOU FULLY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE...  James Dazouloute

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