Tell Me About Yourself... A Love Poem.

By James Dazouloute --- Tell Me About Yourself My sweet love, and please do not delay for even one second, because I need all the information to fill in this love poem about you. 
Tell Me About Yourself... A Love Poem.

So tell me  how you came to notice a lonely soul like me out of the billions who are just like me, and yet you saw my little flickering light, you saw through the mask that I wear to hide my pain of solitude. And please also tell me how a Light-Being and wonderful you, can have such a need to get together with me, to sit down with me, and to even complement me about how precious I am.

Please tell me about yourself, please tell me how wonderful your heart is, please tell me about your patience that took so many years to search for me, and please tell me about your most perfect heart that seems to know no pain, nor pride and arrogance. I am at your service, I am at my most perfect obedience self, awaiting with eagerness to listen to your every word that will describe the most wonderful you. I am your clay my sweet love, I am your uncultivated garden of weed flowers. So please tell me about how you will show me tenderness, how you will give me your sunshine and the waters of your heart.  
Tell Me About Yourself... A Love Poem.

A Love Poem that will allow me to get to know you, since you are Heaven-sent just for me, since you are the only perfect loving being who was created just for me who happened to take notice of me. You are mine to get to know, and your patience  is mine to learn from, also your precious eyes that only radiate with truth are mine to read. You my new love, are my pride and joy ever since we have met, for I have been so alone for so long waiting just for you, the right person with the right chemistry that matches my moods, my needs, my heart, my mind, and even my body. I need to get to know you my wonderful love, I need to know every inch of your needs, as well as every little secret desire that you have had that went unfulfilled.

Yes my love, tell me about yourself, please allow me to have the gift of knowledge to know you intimately. Please tell me of how you were able to find me, and what plans you have to shape and mold me. Please share with me, how you find me to be so precious in your eyes, please teach me about the beauty of your mind as well as the purity of your heart. Please enlighten me about your precious gentle touch, that you also use to communicate with me and learn me about you.    

Tell Me About Yourself... A Love Poem.

I really want to know you, and of your true self my precious. I really need to admire the true inner beauty of your soul, I have to satisfy my thirst of knowledge about what makes you tickle with joy, what forces you to fall in love, what I will have to do to melt your heart so you will want to be with me for all times. Please tell me about yourself so I can  become all that I can be, please tell me of the secrets that are so well guarded in between your thighs, please help  me to learn about the deserts that you find so succulent. And please teach me about the most wonderful time that you want to have with me, please help me to know you to fall in love with you.

So Tell Me, So Share With Me, So Teach Me Of Your Needs, So Help Me To Find Your Love, So Allow Me To Know The Wonderful You, So Increase My Knowledge About True Love... Because I Must Live, I Must Feel And I Must Love. You That Is... Then Please Tell Me About Yourself.  
Tell Me About Yourself... A Love Poem.


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  1. Anonymous11:54 PM

    You have to get to know each other in a relationship

  2. Anonymous11:54 PM

    I love being in love and so to do that you have to get to know each other. Sarah

  3. Anonymous11:55 PM

    If you want your marriage to last, you have to get to know one another. Love this Poem for #Nickiminaj


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