Love Of My Life... How I Need You. A Poem

By James Dazouloute --- Love Of My Life... How I Need You today and every single day for the rest of my life, is just beyond me for I seem to be 
Love Of My Life... How I Need You. A Poem

controlled by a superior force (Love) who wants for me to be yours. And I seem so helpless when it comes to wanting you, when it comes to having you near my lips so I can kiss you and sweet-talk you, also when it comes to being so madly in love with you and never being able to be without you. 

Yes my love, you are the love of my life there is no doubt, and I am doing my very best to make the best of this opportunity for perfect love, to seize this moment to have everything in love, and to arrive at the final destination of life, which is to be reunited with my spiritual and romantic soul mate from above, down below. So I have no reason to deny what I can never run from, I have no need to avoid your perfect heart, nor do I have anywhere else to be but right here inside your heart and inside your thighs.
Love Of My Life... How I Need You. A Poem

So love of my life, You my sweetheart, I need you to take every step with me each day, for I love you to death, my death. I adore you with a heart that is pure, and I gladly do my duty to serve you and fulfill your wishes. And since you are my everything, I have nowhere to run, I have no one who can even begin to understand me, and I have no greater joy but to be continuously in love with you. Oh how I need you, how I must be near you, how I am yours forever willingly, how I am under your spell. Thank you for such great love sweetheart.

So today and everyday, I am here to please you. Today and every day I want to work on our Romantic Family. And even at this very minute, I want to kiss your feet to show you my great appreciation of you. And I am only doing what comes to me by instinct, I am only loving you as I should and I am only yours to do with as you wish. And this should not come to you as a mystery sweetheart, nor should you be alarmed by this gargantuan love, for I am but Putty in Your Hands. Oh Love Of My Life... How I Need You So. 


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  1. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Love poem that is much needed

  2. Anonymous12:14 AM

    We all need love, even when we act tough

  3. Anonymous12:14 AM

    I need love so I need someone. Always


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