Love At Work... Top 3 Reasons Why It Will Never Be True Love.

By James Dazouloute --- Love At Work, is an event that your heart will always be secretly excited about, because this is the place where people come to show off their best skills, 
Love At Work... Top 3 Reasons Why It Will Never Be True Love.

to talk about their fancy college degrees, to dress-up in the most professional, yet most innocently seductive outfits. Also Work  is where forged alliances are made, where Manipulators shine the best, where Seducers work their magic, and even where Fantasy becomes real once they are accepted and believed in. But the biggest trouble at work is where everyone, married or single, gets to have friendship established, lust gets to birth its seeds, and made-up “ Feel Sorry For Me “ gets to triumph in the mind and heart of everyone.

So with all that said, you can begin to see just how easy it is for Love At Work to take place throughout this conundrum of happenings and mixing of feelings and emotions, as well as Pride and Egos. And no matter how much you try to stay away from having a love-relationship at work, there will always be someone or some people who will have just the right ingredients to make your mind jump with fantasy, and the inside of your thighs burn with lust. So whether you decide to act upon those feelings or not, is always entirely up to you and how quickly you can look away and diffuse your thought process. But however way you proceed about having love at work, there are 3 main reasons why it will never be true love. And I intend to share with you what they are:
Love At Work... Top 3 Reasons Why It Will Never Be True Love.

First reason, love at work will never be true love: Illusion Of Having Something In Common. 
When you are at work with someone, you tend to feel that the two of you have something in common, and it is like when you are trapped in an elevator with a complete stranger for an hour or so, and because of the tragedy, you two start to talk and share about life to pass time, and of course before you know it you will feel like you two have something in common. And so it is with the person at work, but you don't really have anything in common except for those few hours that you two are stuck together, and your connection is really about work and the events there that are affecting your lives. But it's not a real foundation, it's not a real deep connection from the Universe and it is only a work connection. And so if you proceed, then it is only a Love-Work-Relationship. But you will lose it once you leave that job, or once you have made a new connection with the next Hunk or Lovely Lady.  
Love At Work... Top 3 Reasons Why It Will Never Be True Love.

Second reason to be careful about love at work: Your Pride & Ego Have A Need To Conquer All.
Yes you have pride and ego built inside you, and it doesn't matter if you are a male or a female, because those two wicked spirits will always get the best of you as long as you are in this weak physical body. And the only thing you can do is run from them, and that is the only way you can then make smart decisions. So with love at work, you will always be attracted, secretly or openly, to one person or another. And the pride and ego in you will always make you want to get your man or woman, and so you will do your best to seduce, to tease, to tempt, to befriend, to console, to share lunch, to give gifts, to compliment, and to show care. All because you must plant that flag, and have that person be attracted to you as well, and you can see that with these intentions that this is not True Love, nor is there a real deep connection made.  
Love At Work... Top 3 Reasons Why It Will Never Be True Love.

Third reason love at work must be approached carefully: Jealousy Is Easy To Set In.
Throughout your normal love relationships, you usually do not see the person interacting with the opposite sex for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. And you usually just assume that the love of your life is on their best behavior, nor do you see it and have to focus on it. But when you have your love at work with you, you see them doing any and everything, where he or she is standing by the water-cooler and holding a conversation with that other person who got promoted before you, and is having a great time. Or you see them coming out of the elevator with that same person you know like them, or you observe them leaning over the desk of the opposite sex and just having the biggest smile of their life. So with any of this your jealousy is easily kicking in because you are actually witnessing it, instead of imagining it. And that will send you into a fury, either secretly or openly depending on the type of person you are. And add to that the only connection you have with this lover is the work environment only, then you heart is treading on thin ice.

So as you can see, Love At Work is very difficult to have and maintain in a true and powerful way. And then you must be aware of how upper management feels about Fraternization, also your Co-Workers who will be gossiping about your love relationship. And then there will come the time when you have an argument before work or after work, and even during work. So all these situations lower your chances of success in love greatly. Then there will come the part when your heart may have been captured by another Co-Worker, or the feeling of love is starting to die between the two of you... Then what do you do?. Tread Carefully.
Love At Work... Top 3 Reasons Why It Will Never Be True Love.

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    Never eat where you doo doo

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    Love at work will always end bad

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    You are at work to make money, not looking for love


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