Dream A Dream... Here Is How To Do It For True Love.

By James Dazouloute --- Dream A Dream, is what you must do all the days of your life, especially after each old one is realized. But even more so, 
Dream A Dream... Here Is How To Do It For True Love.

when the dream that you have had for such a long time, still has not come true, then you must dream it again and again, to give it life, to give it vitality, to give it legs, to give it strength, to give it hope, and all other things that it needs until it materializes in your life. And only then will you truly be happy, only then will you be on top of the world, and only then will you find purpose to go out and accomplish all great things in life. All this is because you were meant to dream a dream, not only in your sleep when you dream unexpectedly, but in your daily life when you dream of things and situations, that you absolutely need.

And nothing is more important in life than for you to dream a dream about obtaining the true love of your life. For that person will complete you, will augment you and will uplift you to heights of happiness and accomplishments unimaginable, if you let him or her and listen. For your heart has been designed to fall madly in love with the exact opposite of you, as well the one who was made by God especially for you. And ever since you could feel romantic love in your heart, you have longed for this wonderful blessed person, and you have not relented in your search to find him or her. And for some who do not know exactly what to look for in people whom they meet, in order to find their  Tailor-Made-True-Love, then they may sleep around with anyone and everyone thinking that this is the one. Or they may have kids with, or even marry the wrong person, thinking that this is their soul mate, but only after a couple of years after having placed themselves under deep bondage, to then realize that they have made the biggest mistake of their lives. And are now stuck in a lost love, as well as a confused one. 

Dream A Dream... Here Is How To Do It For True Love.

Well not for you my faithful reader, for you know from my previous writings and my relationship books, that when you dream a dream of your perfect love, you already know that this great person who God has created just for you, will never be what you expected. For this person who is your great lover that you have dreamed a dream about, was created to complement you, was created to be strong where you are weak, was created to put you in check when you are sabotaging your very own happiness, was created to love you no matter what, was created to protect you even from yourself no matter how many times you hate that person for standing in your way, and was also created to keep your heart and mind on the straight and narrow path, just so you could build a legacy. And that person, once again, will not be what you expected, because he or she will be the very opposite of you in many ways, and at the beginning of your life together, you will think that this person has all kinds of things wrong with them.

Dream A Dream... Here Is How To Do It For True Love.

But when you find the wrong love, it will look to you as if that new lover is the best thing for you, because you two will seem to have so much in common, and will l0ve everything you love. Meaning, if you smoke then that wrong person for you will smoke as well, if you drink so will he or she, if you are into promiscuous sex then so will he or she, if you are into heavy partying then your lover will be hanging out at all the same places that you love. So remember what I said earlier about when you dream a dream about true love, then God will send you your very opposite to complement you, Never Same As You Are. So at the beginning, this wrong Lover for you, will be such a great match for you in your eyes and through your flesh. But it is only after you run and have kids with him or her, or even marry that person, that you begin to realize that the very things that you loved about that person, are the very things that are now getting on your nerves, and are making your life a living hell.

So the dream that you had dreamed about your soul mate, will come to materialize sooner than later, whether you want it to or not. And that great lover for you, will be the one who seemed so boring, will be the one who always took life seriously, will be the one who did not care to drink or to smoke or to go to parties, and will be the one who cared about Philosophy or a planned life, or following the path of God. So as you can see, this great and boring person is your exact opposite, and was created to uplift you, to support you, to love you, to calm you down, to help you focus, to take great care of you, to teach you, to respect you, to keep you in perfect health, to put you in check when you became lazy and self-destructive, and to guide you in all areas of life.

Dream A Dream... Here Is How To Do It For True Love.

And it is after you have ruined your love life with the wrong person who seemed so much fun for you at the beginning, that you will now come to your Dream-Senses, and realized that you have been looking for that opposite of yours all along. Then at that very moment, the dream will come true to you and for you, about your great Made-To-Order-Lover from God. And now it will either pass you by, or you will have to grab that person and go for all that you know, or you will have to stay in the horrific situation that you have created for yourself and live only with chagrins, regrets, sadness, abuse, temptations and wickedness.

So dream a dream about your True Love, but know that when it comes true,  it will never be what you expected. For that is the way of Life, for that is the way when God came into the world who dreamed about Him, and did not recognize Him for He was not what the world was expecting. And for that is the way when Martin Luther King gave his speech of I Have A Dream, but when it came true, his own people do not realize it and let it all go to waste. And so it is for the dream that you have dreamed, and now it is finally here. So recognize it, live with it, appreciate that dream-lover, and expect him or her to be your exact opposite. So tell me what dream have you dreamed about your Great Lover whom you are expecting?... Share So We All Could Learn.

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  1. Anonymous12:34 AM

    I dreamt a dream of love, and then it died in a divorce. Joanne feldman

  2. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Life is harsh, love is awful, both of them are terrible when they don't work out for you. Kimmie K

  3. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Who need love when you have money?


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