Why I Am So In Love With Your Love. A Poem:

 Why I Love You So Much A Poem..

Oh how I so dedicate my life and my heart to you my sweet Love. For you and you alone possess the the key, the door and the house where my heart lives in peace. And forever receives its light of love from you.

Who in all the world can show tenderness to the lover in their life, and who in a loving relationship can constantly forgive a lover's clumsiness?. Please tell me who in a loving marriage can bear so much of the good and the bad, and who in a committed union can always put themselves last, each and every time?. Only you my love, who define love.

Love defines you, love flows from you and love is my constant companion because you have ordered it to be so. And the great feeling and deep sentiments that lie within me for you, can only be seen from my excitement and from the glitters in my eyes.

 A poem about love definition..

Love from you is so unique, that even God is getting a little jealous of how well you define yourself; as well as brand your love for eternity. And you my sweetheart, are teaching me each and every day that you spend cuddling with me; and each and every hour that you devote to making love with me.

I don't know much, but I am aware that love can not be described. It can only be shown by the desperately-in-love Lover, as well it can only be felt within the deep recesses of the heart, unshaken for life. And that love is you, my love. That definition of love is what you give and share with me each day.

I am so fortunate to have spoken with you while I was in the spirit realm and have courted you then. And by your loving compassion, you had then agreed to be my love for life when we come down here to get a physical body. And so yes, you define your love to me by being a great Soul Mate to love and to cherish. Is there anyone like you my love?

 Why you are my everything a poem..

The definition of your love, the secret of your passion, the immortal tenderness that you shower me with are so pure, that Angels stoop down from their watch to get a glimpse. 

I love you with all the strength that I could muster, I admire you with all the courage that I have left. And I dedicate my life to you with integrity, with trust and with fidelity; all because you have given to me the secret definition of perfect love.

Everyday I gladly make the love journey to go down within the deep recesses of your heart, and glue my love there that grows to a deeper love each day. And then I bind it with unbreakable chains of remembrance, just so my love can always be in you, inside you and all around you. I love you period. 

 Why I Am So In Love With You..

I find my definition of love in you and only you. I find my life purpose easy to be carried out with your help. I find love making with you to be Multi – Orgasmic every time that your loving hands only begin to caress me. I am in love with you because you define me, you fire me up, you protect me, you serve me, you give to me, you adore me, you trust in me, you share you with me, you grow me and you definitely hold my hands through all. I love you for teaching me the definition of love. James Dazouloute

 A poem about love definition...

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