Why Do I Love You So Much.

 Why do I love you so much...

And why do you capture my thoughts every single day of this life? I do not know, is the answer right off the top of my head. But my intuitions are telling me that I am doing what I was born to do, I am living by loving you just as I should, and I am happy for being able to give my heart to you and my soul to be at your service my sweet love. And I have nowhere to go but to be around for your needs, I have no need to eat for you give to me the bread of love that comes from the deepest part of you, and I have a purpose in my heart because you are all who I live for. 

Why Do I Love You So Much? It is because I am supposed to, just like having a positive fits perfectly into a negative, I am fitting within your heart perfectly. And now that we have a Romantic Family, and now that we are a couple, and now that we are a team and are as one.. I am invincible, I am perfect in this life, I am immortal in your heart and I am a Superhero in all that I do to save our love. Oh Sweetie, why are you so perfect for me? Why are you so wonderful to me, and why are we on the same page, always? Oh Love, thank you for giving me the most perfect gift of all, thank you for allowing me to have my own little piece of paradise in your heart. 

And so I love you so much because I don't know any other person to love, for I was not designed to feel anything for anyone else. Nor was I meant to have eyes for any other being, and this is why up to now I have been so incomplete, this is why right now I am writing this, and this is why I could never see myself doing anything but this, and love you forever. So thank you my sweet love for making me love you so much, thank you for giving my destiny the power and the boost it needs to be all it can be in you. And thank you for being so perfect for my heart. Oh wouldn't it be nice if every couple had what we have? James Dazouloute

 Why I am so in love with you....

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