Why Are You So Sexy In My Eyes.

 Why you look so good to me...

Why Are You So Sexy In My Eyes, and why do you always turn me on so much? And I know that it has been said that Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder, but I will have to disagree with anyone who would think differently about you. Because I am full of admiration for you, I am drawn to your every look, I am aroused with just one brush of your skin against mine, and that is all because I chose to focus on all the wonderful things about you my love. And now I just can't get enough, now I am always thinking about you, now I am constantly wanting to touch you and draw you near.

So you are becoming more sexy in my eyes every minute, you are becoming more and more of my whole world, you are pushing all the right buttons in my mind, in my eyes and in my body; and I love it. Yes I do my love, every little thing that you do to me and for me, every touch you tantalize me with, every kiss you bless me with, every word from you that says "I Miss You". And so no matter what you do, you are so sexy in my eyes, no matter what kind of bad day you are having you are still the prize of my life. And I never want this beauty of you to change, I never want this feeling of being in deep love with you to go way, I never want to not have you by my sides.

 Why are you so sexy in my eyes...

Why Are You So Sexy In My Eyes? Because you truly are sexy, you are very wonderful, you are an amazing being, you are absolutely the greatest person I ever met, you are forever my sweetheart. And so I thank you my amazing love for being so sexy to me, I am grateful for being allowed to be so attracted to you, and I am easily handled with just one compliment from you. All because I have long ago decided to dedicate my life to your heart, long ago I have donated my mind to you, and every day I am submitting my heart and body to your needs and pleasure. Yes You Are Sexy To Me, every single day. James Dazouloute

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