Why Are You My Guardian Of Love

 My guardian of love, why I need you so much...

Why You Are My Guardian Of Love, leaves me completely baffled because I don't know why you love to protect my heart so much, or why you always take up my concerns and even my moods to make them your own. And so I accept the gifts that you choose to give to me my sweet love, since I don't have to understand all that is in your head, or every single act of devotion that you shower me with. All because I love you, and you are the glue of our Romantic Family that is constantly keeping us pieced in together, and now all my worries are taken away ever since the day you became my guardian angel of love. And now I feel safe, now I feel blessed, now I feel complete and I am closer to you than ever Baby.

Thank you for loving me so much, thank you for being so wonderful to me, thank you for giving up your precious time to worry about me, to care for me and to take up my battles. And now my love is at peace knowing that you are caring for me, knowing that not a minute goes by and you are not thinking of ways to protect me, and now I am living in a constant state of gratefulness, I am living in love, I am living with you as my shadow and the great love of my life, and I am fearless.

Why I need you as my protector..

Why Are You My Guardian Of Love and my helper through all my troubling sentiments? That I will never truly know, but I am glad that you have my back my sweet love, I am feeling very precious in your eyes, and I am glad that You are my Hero. Thank You my perfect love, thank you for being you and loving me with every fiber of your being, thank you for protecting me even with your life, and thank you for making me your whole world. And now I am motivated to keep up with you, I have my goals laid out for me to be on even step with you, and I am glad that you are my opposite. Thank You for being my guardian angel of love. James Dazouloute

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