What We Are About My Love.

 What we are about...

What We Are About is more than just two lovers who are walking together on the road to amazing love. No, we are two spirits who possess infinite love and who have made a pact to perpetually find one another and fall in love, over and over again to infinity, for a thousand lifetimes. And this bond that we had created has come from long ago, before the idea even came to God that He would create physical beings called Humans and allow His Spirit, Us, to dwell in them and to be fruitful and multiply on the Earth. Also before He decided that love would exist in this world, that 2 human beings were to fall in love and bond as Soul Mates, and long before one human would be willing to give their life for the other. 

Yes before all that, You and I were in love, we had a pact that our two spirits would share a special bond, and we knew that sooner than later the order would have been given for Spirits to start inhabiting Physical beings.
And now here we are my love on this journey down here on this Earth, and now experiencing all that is beautiful in lovemaking, all that is excellent in togetherness, all that is wonderful in sharing our dreams, all that is perfect in being united as One, all that is legendary about 2 great lovers who are the Leaders for all lovers around, and all that is eternal about seeding the Earth with our blood line. And now we live through our pact, we are established as Humans living from our Spirit of Love.

Yes My Love, we are more than just 2 regular lovers, we are forever united in perfect love, and we are sharing the unimaginable, we are living as a tiny follicle of love, and we are seeding the entire Universe with every kiss that we share, for from our lips the sentiments of love blossom each and every time. Oh My Love, how we planned all this long before the world began, how we worked out every detail for each minute that we hold hands, how we swore that we would never be apart and through each reincarnation we would find each other and fall in love instantly, all over again each time. Oh my Sweetheart, do you remember how we met this time and how instantly we fell in love? Because we are about Legendary love and blissful sentiments that only 2 spiritual lovers can only share. James Dazouloute

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