What Is Lust... And How Does It Affect Love.

 What is lust...

It seems as though the lust in you and the love in you, grow from the same family tree, because they seem to be like 2 brothers who have the same bloodline, and yet oppose each other like Cain and Abel in the Bible. And you have to wonder, are they really that different from each other?. Because in order for you to finally love someone, you must have to have wanted that person first, you must to have been fantasizing about him or her, and you must have created secret lustful passages in your heart. Where the seeds of love would have to have been planted to then take roots.

Lust is by basic definition, Sexual. And it can also be attributed to just anything in life that you so badly desire, but there are other names given to those things, like covetousness, like wishful thinking, like fantasies. But lust, it seems to carry a much stronger element of sexual neediness, since it courses through your emotional veins, it courses through the retina of your eyes, it courses through your brain, it courses through every fiber of your being, every member of your body and every inch of your sexual organ. Lust seems to carry a much heavier burden than just want, and secretly locked away desires. Lust forces you to take actions toward that person, lust forces to be conniving and to test the waters with a joke, lust forces you to plot, lust forces you to expose your sexual wants and needs, lust forces you to spend what you don't have.

 How to control lust in your love..

And lust even carries on in your dreams and in your subconscious. For what you can't have in reality, then you must and will have in your dreams. And as you well know, there are 2 sides of you – The Good And The Bad. And throughout the day, your good side dominate your bad side as the good constantly suppresses and beats down the bad side, as well as keep it a prisoner. And an example of this, is when you drink a Lot of Liquor, then your brain – you morality – your belief system – your politeness and your behaviors have all retreated, and have been overpowered and kidnapped  by the bad you. And so everything that you had secretly desire, every sexual need, every want, every bit of lust that were kept chained have all now claimed “ Liberty. “ And it is not just alcohol that affects you to open up the channels of open - lust, but also your emotions which can be even way stronger than any alcohol that brings out what was already inside you.

Yes your emotions do play a heavy role in answering the question as to “ What is Lust?. “  Whether you are extremely sad and want to find a resemblance of happiness at all cost. Whether you are frustrated and want a great sexual release without thinking of any consequences. Whether you are tired of living in a constrained shell, and you want to cocoon out of that prude shell. And whether you have finally realized that life is too short and want to act upon every bit of sexual lust that you ever had, which you may have carried as a heavy burden for years. Also this is what happened in the 60' s with the Sexual - Revolution, as that era was nothing but pure lust that has been constrained for a few decades.  As men and women were taught, forced upon, and told to behave themselves. To act Lady – like and Gentleman – like, to only have one partner, to get married and stay married, to go to Church on Sunday and give it all to God, to play their role based upon being the male or the female without ever complaining.

 how to control lust in your relationship...

And Lust affects Love greatly, whether as a compliment to it or whether as the exact opposite, like Yin and Yen. But within a Love Relationship, exclusive and focused Lust can be a good friend to have come live within your heart. Because then, lust can keep the sexual fires and the emotional desires burning for years, and lust can give rewards to small daily goals of accomplishment after a long day of toils and sorrows. Also Lust then can keep active your imagination, can keep active your sexual prowess, can keep active your love for one another, can keep active your courtship that was so great at the beginning, and can keep active your great emotional needs of your lover. 

So what is lust and how does it affect love?. Well lust affects love the same way that a body can not live without a heart. Lust affects love in a way where some days they are best of friends walking down the path of wonderful lovemaking, and other days they are the worst of enemies as lust will try it's best to pull away from love. And go explore every whim, every fantasy, every passion, every want, every evil thought, every chaotic plan to wreck others marriages and wonderful relationships. Yes dear friend, while lust and love are two brothers created from the same seed, it is wise to keep love above lust. It is wise to dilute lust, and you can see it's undiluted and powerful effects on this generation with the music, the tattoos, the drinking, the overly crazed sexual acts, the fashion, the trends, and the great sadness and emptiness. 
 How to deal with lust...

Yes the great sadness and void that lust creates within one's heart and body can be overwhelming, as it is never satisfied. For lust is always looking for it's next fix, it's next victim, it's next momentary pleasure. While love is peaceful, love is friendly, love is unselfish, love is thoughtful, love always lasts for a lifetime. So choose between lust and love, or don't choose but have them complement each other in the right love relationship. In order for Lust and Love to work hand – in – hand in your life, you must feed love way more than you feed lust. Because at anytime either one could overpower the other. And to keep your love strong with good nutrients and vitamins, you must speak love, think love, act in love. James Dazouloute

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