What Is Love... And How Do You Capture It For Life.

 How To Captures Love...

To begin with, our long journey to find the “ Meaning Of Love, “ as well as forever enjoying “ Intimate Romance, “ I must first tell you exactly what Love is. And that is a word when you hear it, it takes away all troubles. When you hear Love, it melts every feverish passion inside your heart. When you hear Love, all the adventures of your dreams seem to shape up and start to roar. And when you hear Love, it is the only thing that you are truly sure of in this life of illusions and allusions. So Love is all things precious to you, to your eyes, to your heart, to your caresses, to your emotions. And all things precious and perfect, as well as all powerful things that make up Love.

Love is like a giant lion that is always dormant, except that this lion also has wings, this lion also can roar earthquakes in the hearts of many, and this giant lion can walk through fire – brimstone – deep darkness. And once Love is awakened, then there is no kindling it, there is no containing it, there is no squeezing it, and there is definitely no obedience from it. For Love , after God, is the freest and most powerful being that ever existed. All because Love was there from eternity past residing with God, long before wisdom and knowledge were ever created to play at God's feet. And this is why Love is, has been and will always be so powerful. 

 Best way to have love...

But strangely enough, Love is the quietest, most gentle, most kind creature there is. Love is the very best friend, most trusted companion, and most loyal co – traveler you will ever have at your side. And Love can help you to seduce the strongest of opponents, Love can open all doors to all the right riches, Love can deliver the best of romances right into your hands. So Love must be at your sides at all times, like the most powerful arrow or pistol glued to your chest to protect you, to help you, to provide for you, to seduce for you, and to bring other people's Love to come and merge with you. Yes my friend, Love is one and all, except it can never be controlled.

Also Love is as formidable as water. For Love is peaceful, calm, restful, inviting, clean, and ever flowing  , as well never needy. And you have to choices, you can jump in and swim with Love and it will carry you to any place of happiness that your heart so desire. But make Love your enemy and you will be drowned, you will tire yourself out, and you will fall into a depression of wetness. So Choose Today. Love, Friend or Enemy?.

What is love and how to have it...

And Love is everything you have ever heard about it, all good and all bad. And it is even said that God is Love,( Although Love is not just God in reverse. ) So this powerful statement does show you that Love is second only to God, and the two are the very best of friends since it was out Love, that the whole universe was created. And because of Love that you and I came into being, and so if you look at it the right way: If God is our Father, then Love is our Mother. Since Love is the great vessel that contains all, the great vessel that all life – giving sacrifices are made of. Also because of Love, Heroes come into being, and even God came down to walk among us.

So with all that said, I do hope that by now you are beginning to grasp the wide and deep concepts of just what Love is exactly. And I do hope that you are beginning to appreciate how badly you need love, and just how you must embrace Love if you ever want to have any real life. For Love is the meaning of life, for Love is the real reason why you do everything you do for yourself. And I know you do realize that Self – Love is the most important and first aspect of joining with, and being the best of friends with love.. 

 what is love..

And self – love is the beginning step of attaining all that you ever dreamed of in your life, in romances, in relationships, in businesses, in serving God. Also self – love is the path to returning home to heaven, because if you love self first, then you will begin to feel for others, and you will stop short of doing them wrong. Because it is when you hate yourself and your lack of accomplishments in all areas of life, that you begin to start living like an animal just surviving by instinct alone. James Dazouloute

 How to have love for life...

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