Sex With You, 10 Reasons Why I Love It.

 Why I Love Sex With you...

Why I am so addicted to You my Love:
1 - Every single minute I spend with you my sweet love, you set a romantic setting to turn me on, and make me give myself to you... All because of the little things you do in being so nice and sweet to me.

2 - No matter how I feel, you make feel so sexy. No matter how I look, you find a way to show me just how turned on you are for me and my touch, and so I love to have wonderful sex with you my love.

3 - You caress me with all your might, and by doing that you shatter all my defenses so much that all I want is to overtake you again, and again.

4 - You share all your intimate fantasies with me, and you allow me to move at my pace in being an adventurer with you. And before you know it, I am right there with You sharing orgasms after orgasms.

5 - You are such a good kisser and you take to me to the point of no return, and make me want to go all the way, every time. And reach in between your thighs, for what is mine.

 10 reasons to love sex...

6- Every little thing you wear, you find a way to make it fit just right - over your shoulders, over your belly, over your... And I can't help but be mesmerized whether you are standing or laying down next to me. And so I can't help myself and just want to have more sex with you.

7 - No matter what we are doing or where we're at, you always make me feel emotionally close and connected to you. Because you are always ready to hold my hands, to touch my shoulders, to look at me in the eyes, and always, to listen to me fully and not be on the phone. And all this turns me on so much Baby.

8 - I am amazed and super turned on by how you always want to Please Me. In bed, out of bed, in the car, in the mall, in the kitchen and even around people. And all that my love is way too much for me to take, and for that I just want to devour you and sex you to death.

9 - When it comes to me Sweetheart, you are always in the moment with me. You are always on the same page with me, the moment that I express my desires. How do you do that? I am so turned on by that, and the sex seems to come rushing like a tsunami upon the shores. 

10 - They say the more love you make, the more in love you are. The more time you spend having sex, the more you melt the two energies into one. The more orgasms you reach together, the more chemicals are released into the brain and draw the both of you closer. And so we are the test models for all these sayings my love, for you give me too much of all of those gifts. And So I Just Love To Have Sex With You... James Dazouloute

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