My Love For You Will Never Change. A Poem

My happiness with you can never be stolen by a wicked prostitute of a person, or a trickster. And my bond with you will never be unglued by time, my souvenirs with you are etched in the Akashic Records, and my pride of belonging to only you will never diminish my sweet love. For you are the epitome of love, you are the model whom Love used to declare herself the supreme ruler of the heart. And since I am but clay in your hands, I always trust that you will construct the very best of me, made just for you.

Oh My Sweet Everlasting Love! How often I want to open up my heart like this to only you, but my reluctance came from not wanting to sound like a broken record, or a spinning wheel that hangs in the air. Because in my heart, in my soul, in my very passion I know nothing else to do but to love you with all my heart, and I do not know how to change that and make it into something new, since you have not taught me a new way. So my love for you will never change, so my desire to share all my heart with you will never be gone with the wind, for I am a willing slave who does not desire freedom of self.

And even if you were to push me out of your heart, or reject my sensual touches, then I would only prostrate myself at your door steps refusing food, drink and shelter. Since my whole world has always been you, even before I met you Sweetheart I refused to give my heart away, because I knew that our connection was pre-destined and we had set up a date to meet in this 3rd. dimension, and become the legendary lovers of all time. So as you can see, my love for you will never change.

And how can "Impossible" become possible? For it is impossible for me to live without you, it is an abomination to even think that another could ever replace you, and it is a perversion if I would ever allow another to kiss my lips that are reserved for only you. Oh Love Of My Life! Where can I go to have peace other than being in your arms? And what distance could ever come between us, be it by many miles, be it by memories fading away, or be it by the devil coming in between us? No Such Activities Could Ever Take Place, since in my heart you are me and I am you.

My Love For You... Will Never, Ever Change my "P", Perfect Just For Me. For even the Creator God is powerless to change that, since from the day that He breathed His Spirit into us, He Could Never Take That Back but only push us away from Him if we disobey, and force us to live Eternal life far from Him. And so it is with our perfect love that only fits just you and I, for on that day that God gave us such immense love, then she became ours forever, ours to live by, ours to dream with, ours to live out our purpose on. And so my love for you... could never, ever change. James Dazouloute

 Why my love for you will never change...

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