Make The World Go Away, How To Deal With A Broken Heart

 How to deal with sadness in love...

Make The World Go Away, But Why Love Is Still Here?. And why would you want to make the world to go away, when it is in the world that you only can find and give love?. I know that when your heart has been ripped out of you from a very loving relationship that you placed all your hopes and dreams into, all you want to do is to be left alone in your own little corner of sadness and depression. Although that great love that you had may have ended for different reasons, like: Death has taken your lover away from you, duties to country may have sent your lover far away from your heart, servitude to God may have severed the physical love that you have so counted on to make it in this life, or your lover may have been on a different journey that you are on, etc.

And I know that to you, if you can't be with the one that you truly love then you want to be alone and want to make the world to go away from you as well. Because what you and your soul mate shared during this part of your life journey in this lower dimension, was so great and perfect for you, that “ Romeo and Juliet ” looked like they were just playing. And you are probably the “ Super Loyal Kind “ like myself, and you refuse to be like the butterfly that flies from flowers to flowers looking for another sweet taste. No, not you because you would rather have truly loved just once, than to try to find other people just to fake it with, or to just occupy your time. No, for you love has to be the very best because you understand as well, that you only can connect at all levels: Spiritual, physical, emotional, sentimental, sexual, maternal, paternal, and all the other “ AL s “, just once in a lifetime. And so of course you want to make the world go away from you forever. You see, I do understand you.

 Make the world go away...

Now, let us revisit what you are made of. You are a creature of love, made with love, and sent down here in this world to love. And this is why for everything you do in this lifetime, the end result in mind is always love. I mean you help people, love. You take care of your kids, love. You serve God, love. You protect the animals, love. You work with mother earth, love. You give all to your family, love. You sacrifice to make others happy, love. Are you beginning to see why it is only natural and spiritual for you to love so profoundly?. Of course, because love is here inside you, all around you, and love defines you. And so you can't make the world go away, because you are the sustain-er of the world. Without you the world would not function, it just does not work without your love that makes that person want to stalk you ( They would not have a cause ), it does not work without your pets that would die if it wasn't for your love, it does not work without your lover having you waiting so he / she can run back to you and be reunited, it does not work without you because some people would never know of God's Love if they did not see you love. So you see love is here, you are love, and love will always come back to you a thousand fold. And do you know why?. Because in love, You not only reap what you sow, but more than you sow and even Greater Than You Sow. So Love, and don't make the world go away. James Dazouloute

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