I Fight For You... My Eye Of The Tiger. A Love Poem

 I fight for you... a love poem...

My Eye Of The Tiger, My reason to love, my dream come true and my life who is worth living for. Yes I fight for you my love every single minute, I fight for every inch of love that you have given to me and never wanting to lose any ground, and I also fight for the treasures of your heart that you have placed inside my hands when you told me to take care of you, always. And so I am now an unleashed ferocious animal, and so I now seek out all preys to devour who may want to separates us, and so now I pass through the fire daily just so I could remind You that I love you for life.

 Why i fight for you...

Yes I fight, Yes I am a warrior of your love, yes I am glorified every single time I see you smile because of my efforts, Yes I receive my medal of honor every moment that you declare that you are so proud of me. And so you my Baby, are my motivation, you are my eye of the tiger, you are the wind beneath my wings, you are my shambala and my Eden, you are all the reasons that I dropped down in this physical universe... Just so I could meet you, finally.

And so a love poem to renew my vow to you Baby, to make sure you never forget that I fight for you with every fiber of my being, I fight for our love with all my attention, I fight for the perfect love that you keep on showering me with - through every temptation and wicked thought. Yes I fight to never drive you away my sweetheart, yes I fight to continue to build a home for us under the shelter of trust and fidelity. And I dedicate my life to loving you, and you alone my "P" Perfect Just For Me.

I fight for you because I was built just for that, I fight for your smile because it is my breath of life, I fight for you to reach an orgasm daily because it is my only mission, I fight to give you all that you need because you long ago placed your deep trust in me, I fight to always love You because No Other Lover would ever understand me - nor put up with me like you do. And so I only do what I know best to do, and that is to fight for You... For The Love Of My Dreams.... James Dazouloute

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