How You Save Me From Myself.

 How you save me...

How You Save Me From Myself is amazing, because now I am on top of the world. At this very moment I am elated to be in love with you, and I am living life as if I can not fail. And all this is because you saved me from myself from the moment I met you my love, my inheritance, my greatest source of joy. And now I am who I was meant to be, because you are always so positive with me, you are always looking out for what is best for me and then for us, and finally for you. And on top of that, you are always in my corner, always ready to help me accomplish my goals, always making sure that our Romantic Family stays on track, always ready to give me your love, to give me your body and to bless me with your heart that is filled with devotion to love me for life, no matter what.

 Help save me please...

So you see my love, you see how you saved me? For before you I was just going through the motions of living life, I was just using excuses to come home, to go to work, to attend church, and to even meet with so-called friends... Yes they were all duties that I had to do, in order to keep up appearances. But once you came along and offered me your True Love, I immediately became centered, I automatically found a purpose that was greater than myself, and I became very sure of just what to do to live life to the fullest. And now each day is filled with adventure of loving you, each moment I allow myself to feel your needs and look for ways to fulfill them, and each opportunity I get I want to make love to you, even if it is just exchanging romantic kisses with you. 

 How to save out love...

How You Save Me From Myself, how you help me constantly to grow within you, how you bless me with your wonderful smile, how you make me your whole world, how you give me the greatest gift of all... Your Perfect Heart. And now I am more in love with you than ever, and now I have been saved from my negative self, and now I am on track to be with you forever, and now I need to give you all of me. Yes I am all yours, the better me, the new and improved me, the happy me, the amazing me, and the wonderful heart that I have is now all yours. I live for you my sweet love for you save me, I am itching to caress you and hold you, just so you could feel my new and improved love that you have helped me to have. And now I am saved, because of You My precious Love Angel... James Dazouloute

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