How To Be A Great Lover By Using These 5 Steps.

By James Dazouloute --- Love is amazing, but falling in and staying in love are awesome. Why you ask?. Because the feeling and full emotion of falling in love just captures your heart, your imagination and all your time along with your 
Justin Beiber - How To Be A Great Lover By Using These 5 Steps.

energy. Also because staying in love gives you hope, gives you a lifetime of great things to look forward to like: having perfect kids, having a lifetime soul mate and earthly companion, as well as having your lover all to yourself to touch you and hold you everyday. So on your part, what do you have to do every day, or at least weekly, to enjoy greatness and being a great lover at the same time?.  Today I will share with 5 easy steps that you must take, and you will achieve this goal without fail every day, every week, month, year and for life. And all because love is much too perfect for you not grab hold of it and make it yours, and in that way you will forever capture your lover's heart, mind, emotion and imagination.

How To Be A Great Lover By Using These 5 Steps.

First easy step of greatness to achieve the status of a great lover is to give thanks.
I can't tell you how many love relationships have ended because lovers fail to appreciate and give enough thanks to their lover. For even in the Bible, two of God's biggest complaints are: Lack of Faith, and lack of Thanks for all He does for us. So please learn to give praise to your lover for all the little things they do for you and your heart. Give thanks to your lover every time they call you, text you, pinch you, caress you, drive you, help you, give you, watch movies with you, make love to you ( Even During ), spend money on you, brush your hair, hold your hands... should I go on?. And when I say to give Thanks, I do not mean: “ Oh thanks. “ No my friend, I mean do grab your lover's hand while caressing it and look deeply in their eyes for at least 10 seconds ( Which will catch their attention, and make them stop whatever they're doing ), and in the most sincerest voice say: Thank you my Love for this, or that particular thing. Remember, nobody owes you anything.
How To Be A Great Lover By Using These 5 Steps.

Second easy step to be a great lover and achieve greatness is to spend time.
Loneliness is one of the worst disease that you can catch, because there is hardly a cure for that. Because you could be in a room full of people and yet be extremely lonely, even around your family. So you know by now that the heart wants what the heart wants, and it will settle for nothing else. So please spend as much time as possible with your lover. Don't let overtime get in the way, don't let extreme demands from family members keep you away from your lover. Don't use your kids as an excuse for neglecting your lover or spouse. Spend time, write it in your calendar, check in with your lover and make demand of time for the heart. And I do not mean spend time paying bills or running errands, and while those are all good but: Not – good – enough for a great lover like yourself. I mean plan, and then spend time with your lover in the most extreme form of togetherness where it is just the two of you. No cell phones, no loud noises, no friends or third legs hanging around. Just you and them in a cuddling state doing....

How To Be A Great Lover By Using These 5 Steps.

Third step is to make love.
I do mean make sweet love. Nothing so kinky that you are just trying to impress with your freakishness where you will be looked at as a male or female whore. No I mean something pure where you truly open your heart, your emotions, your love, your caress and think of nothing else but how to fall even deeper in love with that great person in your life. Making love is not exercise, or a sport or even a business for your relationship. But it is you giving your most precious and costliest gift to your lover, and so why not be true and open every fiber of your being every time. Your aim should not be to impress, because male and female prostitutes do just that, instead it should be to bind your two souls even deeper for life. Because when there is a break up, these are the type of lovers that you end up calling, texting and emailing 6 months later, because your bond is so great.

Fourth easy step to be a great lover is to be truthful.
I know we live in a culture where it is encouraged to tell lies at every turn. For most of us lie with our mouth, our appearances, our actions, our plans. And I tell you dear friend, when you lie you are only hurting yourself sooner or later. Be transparent with your love, feelings and emotions; or in other words be very quick to be ready to prove your love, your activities and all else you do. Because this is how you build trust and earn respect. Remember, only Love can be given to you freely; and everything else must be earned. And when you think you are a good liar or you have gotten away with a text from somebody else, or places you went, or even who you've been with, then that is when you start ruining your love life. Because the other person has guardian angels and a higher self just like you do,  and when something is wrong they will feel it, know it, smell it and even dream it. And just because some people are not confrontational, then some of us think that all is well. Deep in your heart you could never run from yourself or lie to yourself, and you know exactly what you are doing at all times because your conscience is always scolding you. So be truthful and respect yourself so that nobody will have to disrespect you, be disappointed in you, slash your tires or even put their hands on you. Because love, and then emotions will make you do some crazy things. And if this still does not help you, remember what goes around comes around, and always worst on the return.

How To Be A Great Lover By Using These 5 Steps.

Fifth step of greatness in love is to make love your whole world.
Learn from God, for it was because love is all He is that He created all that is seen and unseen, known and unknown. And you are a being of love inside and out, so when you are in love do give your lover your all. And by that I not only mean all the things above in steps 1 – 4 , but also give them your mind, your talk and your fantasies as well. For how many times have you heard of adultery or cheating stories, where that person says: Oh, we were just friends talking and then it just happened. No my friend, nothing is a coincidence and nothing just happens, because if it did then me and you would be billionaires right now, because it would just happen. No, it all started because people play games. It always start out very innocently like: A joke at work, a little lunch with a Co – Worker, a ride from a stranger, a friend to talk to, a little back rub and so on, and so forth.... Get it?. Cheating begins with a thought and in the heart. So give your lover and soul mate all your time and energies like: Give them all your conversation, if they can't talk then find something  else to do, like read a book or write an article like I am doing for you right now. Important to note, nobody put a gun to your head and threatened you to give your love and heart, and so why slave yourself out and cheat yourself by not giving your lover your all?. 

So be that great lover that they will want for life, and that they will fight over. All because you do all the little wonderful things that nobody else wants to do. Do give love your all, and you'll see it will never fail you, I guarantee it. For how many times have you seen someone wicked  in the movies who started out to do somebody wrong and use them, and yet that other person just give love their all and appreciate that trickster so much, that the malefactor has no choice but to change their mind and heart by the power of that love. So be exceptional. 
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    love is amazing, if you care about that other person and vice versa. Rosemarie

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    All relationships need a great lover

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    We live, we love and we become eternal. Father George

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    Love gives and love takes away. A Broken Hearted Woman


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