Do You Know I Love You... A Love Poem.

By James Dazouloute --- Do You Know That I Love You?...  Yes I do and I am not a bit unsure that you are the love of my life. And I have tattooed “ I Love You “ 
Do You Know I Love You... A Love Poem.

deep inside my heart, deep inside my soul and within the deep recesses of my brain; just so I will perpetually be in love with you.

I love you with the deepest of sentiments, even deeper than a mother have for a child who always say: “ I Love You Mommy. “ Because my love for you was discussed with God, long before I came here on earth. And I was promised that I would find you my love, with the help of the Holy Angels as my guides and my servants.

I love you because I choose to, gladly. And I made sure that I love you from eternity past, long before you would ever make any mistakes. I love you because Destiny was in agreement with me, and even agreed to become the foundation and platform to spring you into my heart. 

Do You Know I Love You... A Love Poem.

Do you know I love you, the apple of my eyes?. Do you know that daily I sacrifice my conversation with family and friends, just because I want to give you mind and the speeches of my tongue, as part of my intense and devotional love for you?. 

Yes I love you with a love that easily passes the test of times with flying colors, for even as a child I was looking for you and there was always this void within all my activities. Because you were not there to do any - thing with me, so I can share my forever love with you. 

I am here now to live out my love for you, and join you in loving Us. I am here now to support your heart when it is sad, I am here now to adore all your greatness and all your weaknesses. For you are my unique love, and no one else can possess my eyes and my heart as well as my thoughts. It is you, now my precious angel, it was you my passion, and it will be you my future and my destiny. Do you know I love You?.

Do You Know I Love You... A Love Poem.

Do you see the unshaken and undisturbed love that is within me?. Do you explore all the crevices of my heart, and do you test all of my emotions?. For no matter the situation, no matter the test, no matter the troubles, no matter the emotions; they will always equal the same: I Love You Endlessly And Without Reservations.

And I know that others are envious of my fermented love for you, and I know that inferior humans  are always trying to sneak their way in, to dip into the enormous luxurious plates of your love that I have for you. But they are silly, idiotic and even stupid to think that for one second, they could ever taint my perfect love for you. 

 I am at the door steps of your heart, for that is where I reside for eternity. You my love are my desires here on earth, and you my love are my aspirations. I do away with money because  it is inferior to me, and it's only job is to serve me, and so how can I lower myself and have as my best friend and companion my slave. This would be an abomination, for you never, date the Help. You my love, are my pride and joy, my constant companion, and my forever lover. Do You Know I Love You?

Do You Know I Love You... A Love Poem.


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  1. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Do You Know I Love You... A Love Poem.
    Amazing poem

  2. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Great poem to keep the flames alive. Maria

  3. Anonymous11:11 PM

    I love it. Do you know?


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