Be In Love... Then Stop Caring What Others Think.

 Why be in love...

Be In Love... Then Stop Caring What Others Think.

Yes dear friend, you must stop caring what other people think now or will think of your actions, when you are pursuing your righteous love. Because you are here to love and you must be loved as well, and everything you are and do are because of love. And I know that you are so tired of seeing other people in love, and you are so sick of hearing great fable stories about those people what have shared a perfect love as soul mates. And why not you?.

Yes, when will it be your moment of finding true love?. When will it be your time to walk on air, and have a romance novel written about your perfect relationship for you?. Well today I stand up with you, today I hold your hands in victory, and today I proclaim with you that Love is here for you, to serve you for life. Because you have waited long enough, you have been betrayed too many times, you have suffered for too long in silence, and you have kept quiet about your deep loving needs for far too long. Also today I stand with you as your witness that you have spoken to Love in the greatest manner that a Lover can share his or her needs.

And when you are fighting for what you believe in, when you are not stealing someone else's love, when you are claiming only your terrritorial love, then you should never care what other people think. All because Love has eluded many since time began, and very few people have ever conquered Love to make it do for them what needed to be done. And so do not worry about being silly, do not worry about acting like a teenager. Do not worry about acting like a clown, do not worry about risking everything for love, and do not worry about all the " What Ifs. "

Yes my friend, Love is at your door steps today, and Love is knocking at your heart right now and Love has seduced your soul mate with a powerful enchantment to bring him or her to you. So do take hold of this romance right this instant, do speak life into this perfect new Love, and do give birth from your pregnancy of deep intimate romance and passion. You are right now the closest you have ever been to finally possess true Love, and " Destiny " as well as " Opportunity " have now just become your very best friends, and are willing to fight for you. SO GO AHEAD AND BE IN LOVE RIGHT NOW WITH YOUR SOUL MATE.... And if you falter for even the slightest second, then contact me right now by leaving me a comment, and I will quickly join you in subduing Love once and for all. James Dazouloute

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