7 Ways To Never Having Love In Your Life

 How to never have love..

Love, 7 Ways To Never Having Love In Your Life And Be Forever  Alone. And believe me dear friend this is much easier to accomplish than you think, because all you have to do is be nasty about everything you do. And since love is a pure, perfect and positive energy, and it will only come in the life of those lovers who call for it and also attract it, then you have got to become a very powerful magnet in body, mind and spirit. And I am not talking about sex, because anybody and everybody can get that for free or pay for it. I am talking about deep, loving and heavenly connections made between two souls looking to share love. And so let's begin:

1.When single, don't ever speak to anybody.
Yes, don't ever speak to anybody while single even when they go out of their way to engage you or compliment you. Now if you have some unresolved issues deep within, or you're still in love with someone then that's okay. But otherwise,  you should open the love energy channel that flows within you and be ready to receive it. 

 What to do about love right now...

2.When single and someone offers you their phone number, start cussing.
Yes, do start cussing at them and acting all hysterical, like a deranged person as this will definitely get you some offers and some dates. So, don't be lady or gentleman like, just act like you are in a very bad mood all the time and always angry, or that you have no manners.

3.When out on a date, act the same way you do at home.
So when you are finally out on a date with someone you have chosen, then please act like you do when you are home alone. That means: Pick at your nose, pass gas, pull on your underwear, and chew your food very wildly. And also, don't wear any make up, don't comb your hair and do find the ugliest non – matching outfit to wear.  

4.When you get a phone call from a future lover, just ignore it every time.
Oh yes, definitely never answer your phone for anyone you're interested in. No matter how many times he or she calls – text – emails you. After all, that someone is just bothering you and you have got yourself to be with, along with a date between you and loneliness.  So, if anything just stop paying your phone bill altogether.

 How to never have love..

5.When you get flowers, send a letter out or call to threaten them with a lawsuit.
Of course, when that someone wants to show you how much he or she appreciates you just for talking to them, by spending their hard earned money in this bad economy to send you flowers, just go to a pay phone and call him or her. And let that person know that if he or she sends you flowers again, then your attorney will file a harassment lawsuit on your behalf, or better yet you will do everything in your power to get a restraining order on him or her.

6.When you're starting to date, lie about everything you are and do.
Oh, this one is a big must, if you never want to have love in your life. Just lie about you and all that you are about. Because you don't need to earn any trust or have respect from that person, so just make up anything that comes to mind and of course lie if you're married or have somebody already.

7.When you find a future lover, just abuse them and slap them with every chance.
And this is definitely the very best way to have love, by starting your relationship and right away start to abuse them and also do put your hands on them every chance you get. After all, they are not a great human being like you are, they are just here to annoy you and take up your time. So give them a beat down, rough them up, demean them and keep using foul language around them. All because it makes you feel powerful.

So as you can see dear friend, the emotion of love and to never have it in your life is so easy to do. And besides, all you have time for is to make money, keep your job and have the nicest toys in and out of your bed. But for those of you who would die for love, just like the God who Has died for you because He loves you so much, then I implore to do all the opposite of those 7 things I just mentioned above. All because Time and Love are the 2 biggest commodities that you can have on this journey that you are on as a Spirit Being who is having a physical experience. James Dazouloute, Relationship Coach

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