Sex With You, 10 Reasons Why I Love It.

 Why I Love Sex With you...

Why I am so addicted to You my Love:
1 - Every single minute I spend with you my sweet love, you set a romantic setting to turn me on, and make me give myself to you... All because of the little things you do in being so nice and sweet to me.

2 - No matter how I feel, you make feel so sexy. No matter how I look, you find a way to show me just how turned on you are for me and my touch, and so I love to have wonderful sex with you my love.

3 - You caress me with all your might, and by doing that you shatter all my defenses so much that all I want is to overtake you again, and again.

4 - You share all your intimate fantasies with me, and you allow me to move at my pace in being an adventurer with you. And before you know it, I am right there with You sharing orgasms after orgasms.

5 - You are such a good kisser and you take to me to the point of no return, and make me want to go all the way, every time. And reach in between your thighs, for what is mine.

 10 reasons to love sex...

6- Every little thing you wear, you find a way to make it fit just right - over your shoulders, over your belly, over your... And I can't help but be mesmerized whether you are standing or laying down next to me. And so I can't help myself and just want to have more sex with you.

7 - No matter what we are doing or where we're at, you always make me feel emotionally close and connected to you. Because you are always ready to hold my hands, to touch my shoulders, to look at me in the eyes, and always, to listen to me fully and not be on the phone. And all this turns me on so much Baby.

8 - I am amazed and super turned on by how you always want to Please Me. In bed, out of bed, in the car, in the mall, in the kitchen and even around people. And all that my love is way too much for me to take, and for that I just want to devour you and sex you to death.

9 - When it comes to me Sweetheart, you are always in the moment with me. You are always on the same page with me, the moment that I express my desires. How do you do that? I am so turned on by that, and the sex seems to come rushing like a tsunami upon the shores. 

10 - They say the more love you make, the more in love you are. The more time you spend having sex, the more you melt the two energies into one. The more orgasms you reach together, the more chemicals are released into the brain and draw the both of you closer. And so we are the test models for all these sayings my love, for you give me too much of all of those gifts. And So I Just Love To Have Sex With You... James Dazouloute

I Fight For You... My Eye Of The Tiger. A Love Poem

 I fight for you... a love poem...

My Eye Of The Tiger, My reason to love, my dream come true and my life who is worth living for. Yes I fight for you my love every single minute, I fight for every inch of love that you have given to me and never wanting to lose any ground, and I also fight for the treasures of your heart that you have placed inside my hands when you told me to take care of you, always. And so I am now an unleashed ferocious animal, and so I now seek out all preys to devour who may want to separates us, and so now I pass through the fire daily just so I could remind You that I love you for life.

 Why i fight for you...

Yes I fight, Yes I am a warrior of your love, yes I am glorified every single time I see you smile because of my efforts, Yes I receive my medal of honor every moment that you declare that you are so proud of me. And so you my Baby, are my motivation, you are my eye of the tiger, you are the wind beneath my wings, you are my shambala and my Eden, you are all the reasons that I dropped down in this physical universe... Just so I could meet you, finally.

And so a love poem to renew my vow to you Baby, to make sure you never forget that I fight for you with every fiber of my being, I fight for our love with all my attention, I fight for the perfect love that you keep on showering me with - through every temptation and wicked thought. Yes I fight to never drive you away my sweetheart, yes I fight to continue to build a home for us under the shelter of trust and fidelity. And I dedicate my life to loving you, and you alone my "P" Perfect Just For Me.

I fight for you because I was built just for that, I fight for your smile because it is my breath of life, I fight for you to reach an orgasm daily because it is my only mission, I fight to give you all that you need because you long ago placed your deep trust in me, I fight to always love You because No Other Lover would ever understand me - nor put up with me like you do. And so I only do what I know best to do, and that is to fight for You... For The Love Of My Dreams.... James Dazouloute

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My Love For You Will Never Change. A Poem

My happiness with you can never be stolen by a wicked prostitute of a person, or a trickster. And my bond with you will never be unglued by time, my souvenirs with you are etched in the Akashic Records, and my pride of belonging to only you will never diminish my sweet love. For you are the epitome of love, you are the model whom Love used to declare herself the supreme ruler of the heart. And since I am but clay in your hands, I always trust that you will construct the very best of me, made just for you.

Oh My Sweet Everlasting Love! How often I want to open up my heart like this to only you, but my reluctance came from not wanting to sound like a broken record, or a spinning wheel that hangs in the air. Because in my heart, in my soul, in my very passion I know nothing else to do but to love you with all my heart, and I do not know how to change that and make it into something new, since you have not taught me a new way. So my love for you will never change, so my desire to share all my heart with you will never be gone with the wind, for I am a willing slave who does not desire freedom of self.

And even if you were to push me out of your heart, or reject my sensual touches, then I would only prostrate myself at your door steps refusing food, drink and shelter. Since my whole world has always been you, even before I met you Sweetheart I refused to give my heart away, because I knew that our connection was pre-destined and we had set up a date to meet in this 3rd. dimension, and become the legendary lovers of all time. So as you can see, my love for you will never change.

And how can "Impossible" become possible? For it is impossible for me to live without you, it is an abomination to even think that another could ever replace you, and it is a perversion if I would ever allow another to kiss my lips that are reserved for only you. Oh Love Of My Life! Where can I go to have peace other than being in your arms? And what distance could ever come between us, be it by many miles, be it by memories fading away, or be it by the devil coming in between us? No Such Activities Could Ever Take Place, since in my heart you are me and I am you.

My Love For You... Will Never, Ever Change my "P", Perfect Just For Me. For even the Creator God is powerless to change that, since from the day that He breathed His Spirit into us, He Could Never Take That Back but only push us away from Him if we disobey, and force us to live Eternal life far from Him. And so it is with our perfect love that only fits just you and I, for on that day that God gave us such immense love, then she became ours forever, ours to live by, ours to dream with, ours to live out our purpose on. And so my love for you... could never, ever change. James Dazouloute

 Why my love for you will never change...

Why Are You So Sexy In My Eyes.

 Why you look so good to me...

Why Are You So Sexy In My Eyes, and why do you always turn me on so much? And I know that it has been said that Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder, but I will have to disagree with anyone who would think differently about you. Because I am full of admiration for you, I am drawn to your every look, I am aroused with just one brush of your skin against mine, and that is all because I chose to focus on all the wonderful things about you my love. And now I just can't get enough, now I am always thinking about you, now I am constantly wanting to touch you and draw you near.

So you are becoming more sexy in my eyes every minute, you are becoming more and more of my whole world, you are pushing all the right buttons in my mind, in my eyes and in my body; and I love it. Yes I do my love, every little thing that you do to me and for me, every touch you tantalize me with, every kiss you bless me with, every word from you that says "I Miss You". And so no matter what you do, you are so sexy in my eyes, no matter what kind of bad day you are having you are still the prize of my life. And I never want this beauty of you to change, I never want this feeling of being in deep love with you to go way, I never want to not have you by my sides.

 Why are you so sexy in my eyes...

Why Are You So Sexy In My Eyes? Because you truly are sexy, you are very wonderful, you are an amazing being, you are absolutely the greatest person I ever met, you are forever my sweetheart. And so I thank you my amazing love for being so sexy to me, I am grateful for being allowed to be so attracted to you, and I am easily handled with just one compliment from you. All because I have long ago decided to dedicate my life to your heart, long ago I have donated my mind to you, and every day I am submitting my heart and body to your needs and pleasure. Yes You Are Sexy To Me, every single day. James Dazouloute

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You Are My Whole World... A Love Poem

 Why I Can't Live Without You...

You Are My Whole World, and nothing else will do, no one else will be made to do and no God will ever force me into another world of love. Because since the day I met You my sweetheart, a whole new world was created for me, a whole new population of sentiments was made for me, and an entire new way of life begun for me. Yes My Sweet Love, you are my whole world, you are the very breath that I want to take and need to take in. You are my very reason to get out of bed each day, and I am proud of it. Yes I am privileged to have your love, I am lucky to have gained your heart through the lotto of life, and I am silly with love and I am filled with it. 

You are everything and everyone that I have ever wanted, and now I am content, and now I am on top of the world, and now I am floating on the wings of love. And now you have completed me, so I am only being grateful in expressing my love, in detailing how you have always taken great care of my heart. And I gladly make you my whole world because it is true, I gladly share my heart and my body with you, and it is a joy to have all that I need within your soul and within the gentleness of your kisses. Oh my love, where in all the world could there ever be another like You! Oh my weakness, how was I able to do without you for so long!

 Why you are my whole world...

And now I have found my love, and now my Baby is finally home with me, and now I have my own little romantic family, finally. And so I will make the best of your love, I will keep pushing through the tunnels of your emotions until I am at the precipice of your deep needs for me, and then I will be able to become your champion of love, I will be your Hero. So my love, give me more of you, give me your dreams to make them come true, give my your anxiety so I may calm you, give me your doubts so I can build your faith in us, give me your weaknesses so I can be strong for you, give me, give me... For You Are My Whole World, And Now Inherit Mine... James Dazouloute

 My world is you ...

What We Are About My Love.

 What we are about...

What We Are About is more than just two lovers who are walking together on the road to amazing love. No, we are two spirits who possess infinite love and who have made a pact to perpetually find one another and fall in love, over and over again to infinity, for a thousand lifetimes. And this bond that we had created has come from long ago, before the idea even came to God that He would create physical beings called Humans and allow His Spirit, Us, to dwell in them and to be fruitful and multiply on the Earth. Also before He decided that love would exist in this world, that 2 human beings were to fall in love and bond as Soul Mates, and long before one human would be willing to give their life for the other. 

Yes before all that, You and I were in love, we had a pact that our two spirits would share a special bond, and we knew that sooner than later the order would have been given for Spirits to start inhabiting Physical beings.
And now here we are my love on this journey down here on this Earth, and now experiencing all that is beautiful in lovemaking, all that is excellent in togetherness, all that is wonderful in sharing our dreams, all that is perfect in being united as One, all that is legendary about 2 great lovers who are the Leaders for all lovers around, and all that is eternal about seeding the Earth with our blood line. And now we live through our pact, we are established as Humans living from our Spirit of Love.

Yes My Love, we are more than just 2 regular lovers, we are forever united in perfect love, and we are sharing the unimaginable, we are living as a tiny follicle of love, and we are seeding the entire Universe with every kiss that we share, for from our lips the sentiments of love blossom each and every time. Oh My Love, how we planned all this long before the world began, how we worked out every detail for each minute that we hold hands, how we swore that we would never be apart and through each reincarnation we would find each other and fall in love instantly, all over again each time. Oh my Sweetheart, do you remember how we met this time and how instantly we fell in love? Because we are about Legendary love and blissful sentiments that only 2 spiritual lovers can only share. James Dazouloute

Why Do I Love You So Much.

 Why do I love you so much...

And why do you capture my thoughts every single day of this life? I do not know, is the answer right off the top of my head. But my intuitions are telling me that I am doing what I was born to do, I am living by loving you just as I should, and I am happy for being able to give my heart to you and my soul to be at your service my sweet love. And I have nowhere to go but to be around for your needs, I have no need to eat for you give to me the bread of love that comes from the deepest part of you, and I have a purpose in my heart because you are all who I live for. 

Why Do I Love You So Much? It is because I am supposed to, just like having a positive fits perfectly into a negative, I am fitting within your heart perfectly. And now that we have a Romantic Family, and now that we are a couple, and now that we are a team and are as one.. I am invincible, I am perfect in this life, I am immortal in your heart and I am a Superhero in all that I do to save our love. Oh Sweetie, why are you so perfect for me? Why are you so wonderful to me, and why are we on the same page, always? Oh Love, thank you for giving me the most perfect gift of all, thank you for allowing me to have my own little piece of paradise in your heart. 

And so I love you so much because I don't know any other person to love, for I was not designed to feel anything for anyone else. Nor was I meant to have eyes for any other being, and this is why up to now I have been so incomplete, this is why right now I am writing this, and this is why I could never see myself doing anything but this, and love you forever. So thank you my sweet love for making me love you so much, thank you for giving my destiny the power and the boost it needs to be all it can be in you. And thank you for being so perfect for my heart. Oh wouldn't it be nice if every couple had what we have? James Dazouloute

 Why I am so in love with you....

How You Tempt Me So, A poem.

How You Tempt Me So much my sweet love, how you drive me to want you more than anything in this world, and how you make me adore you oh perfect love of mine. And I seem to like it, I seem to want it, I seem to want more of everything that you give to me, and I just love your temptations. Yes I do, and this makes our Romantic Family the stronger and the more in love. And now I am perfected by the ways you make me feel, I am elated by the ways you call me and talk to me in ways to seduce me. And how you give me all of you in such a submissive way that it makes feel like The Master Of The House.

I Love You My Dear Sweetheart, I love the way you tempt me to give myself always to you freely, and I love you for always trying to be unique in the ways that you devote your heart to me and to the growth of the special love that we have. And amazingly, I want more temptations for me to belong to you and give all of my heart for your happiness, and give all of my efforts to help you to become great and a legend in the eyes of the world. And I love to bless you with my kisses, I love to give you what you need just to see you have that content look on your face, and I just love to tell you how much I appreciate you and every single little finger that you lift for the sake of my heart.

How You Tempt Me So, Oh how you make me want to do some crazy things, how you guide me to open up all of my heart to you, and how you tantalize me to make love to you over and over, and over again. Yes my dearest Love, you are tempting me right now, even as I write this devotional unto you, and even as my body is continuously calling out to you, and even as I wish you would tempt me to love as if there is no tomorrow. Oh do tempt me my love, do whisper little bad things into my ears, do scream lustful things in our lovemaking and do make me give every inch as you take every yard... Tempt me, seduce me, and make me burn with desires.. I Love It and I love You for it all... James Dazouloute

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How You Save Me From Myself.

 How you save me...

How You Save Me From Myself is amazing, because now I am on top of the world. At this very moment I am elated to be in love with you, and I am living life as if I can not fail. And all this is because you saved me from myself from the moment I met you my love, my inheritance, my greatest source of joy. And now I am who I was meant to be, because you are always so positive with me, you are always looking out for what is best for me and then for us, and finally for you. And on top of that, you are always in my corner, always ready to help me accomplish my goals, always making sure that our Romantic Family stays on track, always ready to give me your love, to give me your body and to bless me with your heart that is filled with devotion to love me for life, no matter what.

 Help save me please...

So you see my love, you see how you saved me? For before you I was just going through the motions of living life, I was just using excuses to come home, to go to work, to attend church, and to even meet with so-called friends... Yes they were all duties that I had to do, in order to keep up appearances. But once you came along and offered me your True Love, I immediately became centered, I automatically found a purpose that was greater than myself, and I became very sure of just what to do to live life to the fullest. And now each day is filled with adventure of loving you, each moment I allow myself to feel your needs and look for ways to fulfill them, and each opportunity I get I want to make love to you, even if it is just exchanging romantic kisses with you. 

 How to save out love...

How You Save Me From Myself, how you help me constantly to grow within you, how you bless me with your wonderful smile, how you make me your whole world, how you give me the greatest gift of all... Your Perfect Heart. And now I am more in love with you than ever, and now I have been saved from my negative self, and now I am on track to be with you forever, and now I need to give you all of me. Yes I am all yours, the better me, the new and improved me, the happy me, the amazing me, and the wonderful heart that I have is now all yours. I live for you my sweet love for you save me, I am itching to caress you and hold you, just so you could feel my new and improved love that you have helped me to have. And now I am saved, because of You My precious Love Angel... James Dazouloute

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Why Are You My Guardian Of Love

 My guardian of love, why I need you so much...

Why You Are My Guardian Of Love, leaves me completely baffled because I don't know why you love to protect my heart so much, or why you always take up my concerns and even my moods to make them your own. And so I accept the gifts that you choose to give to me my sweet love, since I don't have to understand all that is in your head, or every single act of devotion that you shower me with. All because I love you, and you are the glue of our Romantic Family that is constantly keeping us pieced in together, and now all my worries are taken away ever since the day you became my guardian angel of love. And now I feel safe, now I feel blessed, now I feel complete and I am closer to you than ever Baby.

Thank you for loving me so much, thank you for being so wonderful to me, thank you for giving up your precious time to worry about me, to care for me and to take up my battles. And now my love is at peace knowing that you are caring for me, knowing that not a minute goes by and you are not thinking of ways to protect me, and now I am living in a constant state of gratefulness, I am living in love, I am living with you as my shadow and the great love of my life, and I am fearless.

Why I need you as my protector..

Why Are You My Guardian Of Love and my helper through all my troubling sentiments? That I will never truly know, but I am glad that you have my back my sweet love, I am feeling very precious in your eyes, and I am glad that You are my Hero. Thank You my perfect love, thank you for being you and loving me with every fiber of your being, thank you for protecting me even with your life, and thank you for making me your whole world. And now I am motivated to keep up with you, I have my goals laid out for me to be on even step with you, and I am glad that you are my opposite. Thank You for being my guardian angel of love. James Dazouloute

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How I Love You Endlessly... A Love Poem

 Why I love you so much, a poem:

I Love You Endlessly, I love you eternally, I love you wonderfully, I love you willingly, I love you to the max, I love you with all my heart, I love you is my mission for life my sweet love. And I am so proud of it, and I am so happy because of it, and I am so at peace with being in love with you that I am in a perfect state of invincibility. Oh How I Love You Endlessly!

How I am filled with desires to always be yours my sweet love, how I am an amazing lover after you have taught me to become so, how I am so great with my friends because I know that you are in love with me, how I give so much charity to the poor because I am now confident that I can come up with new ways to make more money since you, my perfect love, fill me with so much confidence. Yes How I love you endlessly Sweetheart! How I am the greatest adventurer of all times while exploring your love and your perfect heart! How I am all that I can be.

 How I need you for life, a poem..

You are my love, you are my passion, you are my reason to live, you are my greatness, you are my goal to live for, you are my every single little thing. And this is all because I love you endlessly, and this is all because your love is endless, this all because I can never be filled with your presence. For you are the love of my life, for you are the only one who can understand me, for you are the one who God sent to me, you are the blessing of my life, you are the super-lover of all time. See How I Love You Endlessly?

I am proud to profess my love for you, I am proud to belong to you, I am the only person who has ever been so lucky in love ever since the day I was blessed with you. And now I am dancing in my heart, and now I am sharing my great find with one and all, and now I am constantly ready to love you to the fullest. Because I Love You Endlessly, because I love you as my everything, because I love you as my angel of love, because I love you for being my "P" Perfect Just For Me... How I Love You... James Dazouloute

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