You are my medicine... I Love You Poem By James Dazouloute

By James Dazouloute ---- I Need You Now, and I am so sorry to to be so madly in love with You and writing You a Love Poem, but my heart is sick, my body is orgasmic, and my passion has risen to it's longest form, and so I am placing all my needs 
You are my medicine... I Love You Poem By James Dazouloute

into your Angelic Hands and your perfect heart. For I have no other Love, and I know no other person that I could ever be so in love with, and I have never been so needy for a great love like yours.

Yes you are my love, and the only kind I need now is your medicine, your gentle kisses and your amazing hugs that always wrap as as the blanket of the Moon on a clear night of soft passion.

You are my medicine.  Yes you are my love, and the only kind I need now. 
And I am forever sick in love with you, I am forever lacking the juices of romance that only you can give to me. Yes my sweetheart, you are the doctor of my dreams. And only your erotic hands can massage me back to sexual health. 

You are my medicine... I Love You Poem By James Dazouloute

Oh! I need my medicine now. I need to take it in all forms as quickly as possible, so I can regain my romantic composure. Help my love! I am suffering so badly from the lack of love nutrients that only you have plenty of. So please do not delay my trauma any longer, come quickly so I can have my medicine.

I am here, I am there, I am everywhere hallucinating. Because my lustful fever is rising exceedingly, and you must quickly inject  me with your kisses, your gentleness, and your caresses.

My medicine cabinet can not help me feel better, my friends can not talk to me to feel better. My prayers can not seem to be answered, because all I really need is your medicine. You are my satisfaction, you are my refreshment  and your love is my hand sponge that gives me sexual healing.

You are my joy, you are my healing, you are  my love dosage, you are my romantic injection. Yes you my love, only you can be my medicine. I am  bed – ridden, and that is the only way I want to stay. Until, you join me to give me warmth, until you give to me your body heat, and definitely until you give me.... Your medicine.  

You are my medicine... I Love You Poem By James Dazouloute

I ask myself daily, why do I get sick so much?. Why everytime I finish being with you I only seem to get sicker and sicker?.  And also why do I need you so badly to feel better?.  I am madly in love with you and your medicine. That I do know my love doctor.

Please prescribe my medicine to me, please spoon feed me your love, please give me deliverance from  this sickness where my loins are burning up.  Medicine is important, healing is a must, and love is absolute. But your medicine is my life.

Your medicine is so potent, it cures my sexual needs  at all times. Your joyous deep caresses only seem to make me weaker by the minute. If there is no love there is no life. If there is no you there is no healing. If there is no lovemaking there is no feeling better. You are definitely my medicine, and I love it. 

Bon Jovi SINGS  For YOU.... Your Love Is Like Bad Medicine..

You are my medicine... I Love You Poem By James Dazouloute


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  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Love medicine, we all need it

  2. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Great poem to read about the needs of the heart.

  3. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Your love is like bad medicine. I Love It! Ramsis.


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