Mind Games... Why Do They Hurt You So Much In Love

By James Dazouloute ---- Because You have been the Victim of many mind games if you have ever been involved in Love Relationships of any kind, and the sickening thing about all this is that you know the other person is playing You. But the way
Mind Games... Why Do They Hurt You So Much In Love

 that he or she explains it, makes you feel like giving up the fight, since you are always afraid of coming off as being overly Jealous and Paranoid. But Your Perfect Spirit and Your Wonderful Higher Self, they never let you down, and they are always there as you first line-of-defense to protect you against any and all violations. And that is because they both give You that Eerie feeling on the back of your neck whenever you are walking into a bad situation, whenever an unscrupulous character approaches you, whenever you are on the highway and are about to get into a bad car accident, whenever you are walking through a bad neighborhood, whenever you have a lover who is cheating on you mentally - by fantasizing about other Lovers.

And you know the game, you know the way it is played, and you even know how it all start out and will end. That person that you love so much will end up cheating on you sooner or later, no matter how much of a fight you put up trying to save him or her. As well you already know in the end, this person will come to you and say: I Am So Sorry. And then find ways to blame You for their cheating and lying tongue, by looking for little things that have not been so perfect lately on their part. And they will say: Well You didn't do this or that, or You don't make me feel like you used to, or You have been neglecting my needs lately. (Notice The Trend?... It's not them but always You)

Mind Games... Why Do They Hurt You So Much In Love

And when it comes to mind games, Women are notorious for being Experts at this, since they are usually the ones telling their Men: Oh he is just a friend, or he is just someone who is helping me out, or he is just a good listener. Or The One I Love The Most: Oh He Is No Threat To You!.... But never realizing that she is stealing from her man the precious time that she is supposed to be spending with him, never realizing that she is cheating on her man by taking all her thoughts and sending them out to another man, or that she is being a liar to her wonderful man by not telling the Truth and being Honest as to what is really going on in her head and mind; and you already know that Truth and Honesty are the keys to a successful relationship. And even the Holy Scriptures tell you that Cheating or Being Unfaithful begins with a Look, a Lustful Thought, a Desire... Again, Mind Games.

Now while Men cheat way more than Women in love relationships, they are usually not as bright and as cunning as Women. Since Men are Physical creatures and you can easily see in their eyes all they want, but Women are mental creatures who are poised and are always creating Worlds of Fantasies in their heads, and that is why no one can ever truly know what a woman is thinking, and she is the best at mind games. 
Mind Games... Why Do They Hurt You So Much In Love

Now think! Why would anyone really worry about their Ex, or even a New Stranger or New Friend so much, if there were no feelings about being together there? And it is just like when someone has a Baby Daddy or Baby Mama, it is never over between the two. Since the moment that You have sex with someone, you two have just shared your souls and have married those souls together for life. And all you can do afterward is try to forget that person, or bury them way back in your mind, or find a new lover to focus on as we all do. And this is even why The Holy Scriptures tell You that as soon as a Man enters a Woman they are considered married, because they have forever bonded:

LEARN FROM OTHERS MIND GAMES, then sit down right now, and take a look at Your Lover Relationship or Your Marriage and see if YOU ARE GETTING PLAYED.... BEWARE, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN JUST ONCE. 

Your Love Advocate 
Mind Games... Why Do They Hurt You So Much In Love

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  1. Anonymous10:43 AM

    This is a good article, people are always playing mind games.

  2. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Why do people do that, they never mean what they say or say what they mean?

    1. Part of the ego my friend, everyone wants to manipulate and feel superior..

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    There are so many false assumptions in this article. Also, what's the purpose behind it? To make men paranoid that all the women out there are constantly plotting against them? To make every friendship suspect? If you can't be in a relationship without constant suspicion then you need to get out. You are making both yourself and the other person miserable.

    1. Thanks for commenting, I agree with your point at the end. And the purpose is not to make men paranoid about women, but for both parties to be aware of this current culture we now live in, where manipulation, mind games and always needing to be the one on top and controlling all situations have become the norm. Great share and thank you again for the great comment.


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