Make It Like It Was... An I Love You Poem.

By James Dazouloute --- A Poem to plead with You My Sweetheart, to reason with You My Love, and To Share with You My One And All, that I badly need Your Necessary Love in order for me to breathe again. Because for so long, 
Make It Like It Was... An I Love You Poem.

I have hungered for You to return your love back to me, to return your sweet caresses into my flesh and bones. I need You to make it like it was Baby... I Am Holding My Breath, because The Air is polluted without Your Pure Air Of Love.

Yes My Love, Make It Like It Was when You would not even allow Me to leave you even for a minute to brush my hair, when you would never allow an hour to fly by and not kiss me, when you would constantly ask Me: Baby What Do You Need To Feel Loved?... And I would reply, I need to have No Fear that You will ever abandon Me. And Now... My Fear has Become...

Oh I So Wish You Would Turn Back Time For Us! Oh I So Hunger for You to write to me another Love Letter like this Love Poem! Oh I so necessitate for You to challenge My Heart to go deeper, and to love You more profoundly! Oh how I wish that Cupid would do his job today, and not wait for Valentine's Day for me to feel loved by You! Oh how I pray everyday that Your memories would return to you, so you could once more make your way back into My Thighs! Oh how I need For You To Make It Like It Was!...

Make It Like It Was... An I Love You Poem.

I know that Love is deeply entrenched within You. I know that Your Heart is pure and it is only a little dusty Right now, so come to Me Baby, do not delay, and let me live out my purpose. I know that your skin and your touch still belong to me. I know that You need my Loyalty right now so you could find your strength. I know that You ache for me to make you laugh, because I am so lost in a moment in your arms. I know that Your Demons are scared of Our Love, and that is why they are playing tricks on your mind. I know that Only You Can Make It Like It Was.... So Please Baby, Do It - For Us- For Me.. Please?

An "I Love You Poem" to show my love and my devotion to You and to Us. An I Love You Poem to fill My Heart with Love for the both of us, for that is what A Pair In Love were United for. Yes, an I Love You Poem to shatter Your Fears, to tear down the walls of your insecurities, to keep my promise that I Would Always Love You And Wish For You.... No One Like You Baby, No Other For Me Sweetheart. Let's Make It Like It Was... Do You Want To?

Make It Like It Was... An I Love You Poem.

So Make It Like It Was My Nutrition Of Love, Make It Like It Was My Deliverer and Guardian of Perfect Love. Make It Like It Was my Love Teddy Bear, Do Not Delay... Make Me Feel Alive Once More, Make Me Feel Life rushing through my blood once more, with Just A Look From You. Make It Like It Was when we laid in bed all day, Just Two Lazy Lovers Resting In Love... 

Make It Like It Was... I Beg Of You with no dignity, no self-esteem, I Am On My Knees Pleading... Make It Like It Was... My Tears Are Running Down My Face And Flooding My Eyes Right Now, and waiting to Join You For Us To, Make It Like It Was.... I LOVE YOU With My Very Blood... Awaiting For You... 

Regina Belle will help you by singing.... Make It Like It Was



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  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I need my love to be like it was at the beginning

  2. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Thanks James, this is just right. Lolita

    1. You're Welcome Lolita. I was just trying to bring back that old feeling of love.

  3. Anonymous2:53 PM

    make it like it was? Nah I am good. make it better Yvonne. Joshua

  4. Anonymous2:53 PM

    You better make it like it was.... or i am leaving. annetta

  5. Anonymous2:54 PM

    get it in. make it like it was and get that money. Moassana


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