I Am So Lost Without You... A Love Poem.

By James Dazouloute --- I Am So Lost Without You Since my world was all consumed by your sweet nectarine love, and now I am bitter, for my heart is useless and my body is experiencing the agony withdrawal of your precious
I Am So Lost Without You... A Love Poem.

 caress. And so a love poem to reach out to You, the love of my life, the aspiration of all my desires, and the great joy of my unnecessary life.

I am so lost now that you have strayed into a path of loneliness, I am so ・ so lost ever since that ungrateful Day came into being. A day which I have blessed at the early morning, a beautiful day that I thought would become my friend and blessed companion, and a day that seduced me into thinking that my heart's desire (You) would stay united with me and within me. But Alas! It turned out to be a dreadful Day, Yes ・ a Judas kind of day that took the best I had to offer You, and turned it into a vile sinful day where I have lost You....

Oh Me! Oh My Heart! Oh My Dreams that came true! Oh My Perfect Soul Mate, wherefore art thou? And now I too have lost myself, on top of losing you. Oh God! Is this why You created Your Universe and Love? Were they to betray me, to destroy me, to defeat me, to trick me, to turn against me, to abuse me, to rape my virgin love that was only earmarked for the love of my life?

I Am So Lost Without You... A Love Poem.

Oh I am so lost without you my Beloved! And I am not ashamed to express my deep sentimental needs for you my sweet love, through this love poem. Nor do I feel constrained or embarrassed to share with you my Dear Brothers and Sisters, my need for An Intervention in my love life... For I am so lost by not having my Sweetheart around me, under me and on top of me.

Yes I am lost beyond measure, yes I am distraught above destruction, I am beyond consoling, and my nerves have never been so frayed... All because I have lost You. And I only wished that I had misplaced you, then I could recount my steps and find you again. I could only hoped that you were kidnapped and taken away from me, then I could use my Marine Training and put together a 3 man-team to come and rescue you. I only prayed that you were seduced by the Devil like Eve was, then all I would have to do is pray to God and He would come and die for your sin, and I would have you once more. 

But Alas... I have lost You through a forgetful love, I have lost you through a forgotten vow, and I have lost you through an amnesiac memory that has strayed. And those causes and symptoms could not be made well. And Now I Am So Lost Without You... 

I Am So Lost Without You... A Love Poem.


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  1. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Very nice poem, a little sad though

  2. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Nice poem, easy to read. Thanks for writing this. Marlene

  3. You're welcome Marlene. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Anonymous4:17 PM

    We are all lost without great love and understanding. Roxanna

  5. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Best ways to love is to give love and need love from that person. Amanda


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