Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

By James Dazouloute --- After all, symbolically and Spiritually this would be a baby who is destined.... for Great and Powerful things, Good or Bad. And Parents, what would you do if your Baby was coming into this world during 
Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

a Category 5 Hurricane, and what Preparations would you have made?. And would you have a special Spiritual moment in your heart or would you Panic?. Leave a Comment and Let Me Know:

See If There Is A Loving Name That You Would Give To Your Love Child. And So Here are the Named Hurricanes And we are Going To go Way Back To 1495, And Please Remember They Did Not Start Naming Them Until 1953.....

1495 -- Columbus encounters a hurricane near Hispaniola
The earliest hurricane report comes from Christopher Columbus, who encountered a tropical storm on one of his voyages to the New World. He later declared that "nothing but the service of God and the extension of the monarchy'' would induce him to expose himself to such danger 

1559 -- Hurricane wrecks Spanish expedition
A Spanish fleet of 74 ships sent to recapture Florida sailed into a hurricane. Most of the fleet was sunk, but one ship survived and founded a colony near Pensacola, Fla.

Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

1565 -- Storm destroys French fleet
The French lose their bid to control the Atlantic coast of North America when a storm smashes their fleet, allowing the Spanish to capture Fort Carolina, near present-day Jacksonville, Fla.

1609 -- Bermuda settled after ship seeks refuge from a storm
The Sea Venture was bound for Virginia to relieve the starving Jamestown colonists when a hurricane crippled the ship on July 28, 1609. Many of the 150 men, women and children aboard found safety on the Bermuda Islands.

1635 -- Great Colonial Hurricane hits New England in August.
The eye passed between Boston and Plymouth, Mass., and caused a twenty-foot tide in Boston. Gov. William Bradford reported, "It blew down many hundred, thousands of trees," and many houses.

1743 -- Ben Franklin studies the movement of hurricanes
Benjamin Franklin had planned to study a lunar eclipse one evening in September 1743, but the remnants of a hurricane ruined his evening. His curiosity aroused, Franklin gathered additional details and learned that the storm had moved up the Atlantic seaboard and against the surface winds. Thus science took the first step toward a basic understanding of hurricanes. 

Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

1749 -- Storm alters Virginia shoreline 
A hurricane destroys Fort George, site of present Fort Monroe, Va., and creates Willoughby Spit in Norfolk. According to one record, "A sand spit of 800 acres was washed up." 

1752 -- Hurricane devastates Charleston, S.C.
The 17-foot storm surge destroyed the town's fortifications and over 500 homes.

1776 -- Storm kills more than 6,000 on Martinique

1780 -- Deadliest storm on record hits Caribbean 
The Great Hurricane of 1780 claimed an estimated 22,000 lives in the Caribbean and destroyed the British and French fleets. This remains the deadliest hurricane in recorded history.

Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

Hurricane Names, See If There Is A Loving Name That You Would Give To Your Love Child....
1953 -- Forecasters begin giving hurricanes female names 

1954 -- Carol and Edna swamp New England
Carol made landfall Aug. 31 over Long Island, N.Y. and Connecticut. Carol was responsible for 60 deaths and $461 million in damage in the United States. The remarkably similar Hurricane Edna formed a few days later and followed a very similar path, making landfall Sept. 10 over Cape Cod. The storm was responsible for 20 deaths. 

1954 -- Hazel brings heavy rains to Pennsylvania, New York
Hazel came ashore in the Carolinas on Oct. 15 and from there slogged north through Pennsylvania and New York and into Canada with heavy rains producing severe floods. Hazel was responsible for 95 deaths in the United States, 100 deaths in Canada and an estimated 400 fatalities in Haiti. 

1955 -- Connie and Diane flood the Mid-Atlantic states
These two hurricanes struck the North Carolina coast only five days apart in early August and rain from Connie set the stage for the devastating floods from North Carolina to Massachusetts caused by Diane. The floods were responsible were 184 deaths. 

1957 -- Hurricane Audrey hits southwest Louisiana and Texas
Audrey struck the Texas-Louisiana border on June 27 then turned toward Mississippi. Strong storm surges penetrated as far inland as 25 miles over portions of low-lying southwestern Louisiana. These surges were responsible for the vast majority of the 390 deaths from Audrey.

1960 -- Donna affects entire East Coast
Donna struck Florida Sept. 11 and then moved north, eventually reaching New England. Donna is the only storm to produce hurricane-force winds in Florida, the Mid-Atlantic states and New England. It was responsible for 50 deaths in the United States. 

Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

1963 -- More than 7,000 in Haiti and Cuba fall victim to Flora

1965 -- Betsy rampages through Florida Keys, Gulf Coast
The storm plowed through the Bahamas, then mauled South Florida a day later. The tempest, more than 600 miles from edge to edge, flooded Miami and Fort Lauderdale with a six-foot tide. 

1969 -- Camille thrashes Gulf Coast
This storm made landfall Aug. 17 along the Mississippi coast and moved north. A storm tide of 24.6 feet occurred at Pass Christian, Miss. The combination of winds, surges, and rain killed 143 on the Gulf Coast and 113 in Virginia floods. 

1971 -- Ginger sets endurance record
Hurricane Ginger wanders the North Atlantic, the Bermuda Triangle and the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia for a record 31 days (20 of them with hurricane force winds).

1972 -- Agnes hits Florida, floods the Mid-Atlantic
Agnes hit the Florida panhandle on Aug. 19, moved into Georgia and headed north, reaching New York on the 22nd. Rains produced widespread severe flooding from Virginia northward to New York and caused 122 deaths in the United States. 

Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

1974 -- Fifi kills as many as 10,000 people in Honduras
The hurricane, which hit on Sept. 18 and 19, destroyed 80 percent of the banana crop and drowned two-fifths of the country's cattle.

1975 -- Saffir-Simpson scale created
Meteorologists Herbert Saffir and Robert Simpson develop the Saffir-Simpson scale for measuring hurricanes.

1979 -- Weather officials begin using male names for hurricanes

1979 -- Frederic smashes the Gulf Coast, causing $3.5 billion in damage
Earlier in the season, Hurricane David ripped through the Caribbean, Florida and the Carolinas, killing 2,000 people. 

1983 -- Early warning crucial as Alicia hammers Texas
Alicia battered Galveston and Houston on Aug. 18. Wind gusts in downtown Houston littered the streets with broken glass as windows broke in the high-rise buildings. The storm was responsible for 21 deaths and $2 billion in damage in the United States. 

1989 -- Hugo wrecks Charleston, S.C.
After passing over Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, Hugo made landfall near Charleston, S.C., on Sept. 22. Storm surges swamped the coast from Charleston to Myrtle Beach, with maximum tides of 20 feet. Hugo was responsible for 21 deaths in mainland United States, five more in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and 24 elsewhere in the Caribbean. Damage estimates are $7 billion in the mainland United States.

Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

1992 -- Hurricane Andrew devastates South Florida
The most destructive United States hurricane of record, Andrew blasted its way across South Florida on Aug. 24, continued westward into the Gulf of Mexico and struck the Louisiana coast on Aug. 26. Andrew is responsible for 23 deaths in the United States and three in the Bahamas. The hurricane caused $26.5 billion in damage in the United States, of which $1 billion occurred in Louisiana and the rest in South Florida. 

1995 -- Season brings 19 named storms
With 19 storms, the 1995 season goes down as the second-busiest season on record, trailing only 1933, when 21 storms formed.

1996 -- Six hurricanes reach Category 3 or higher
After 1995's near-record hurricane season, experts figured 1996 could not be as bad. But it was worse, killing more people and spawning stronger storms. Hurricanes caused $4.1 billion in damage in the United States and killed 147 people in the United States, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean islands.

1997 -- Quiet year with only three hurricanes
This was an unusually quiet year in the tropics, one that crossed up forecasters and was a welcome relief from the ferocious 1995 and 1996 seasons. 

1998 -- Hurricane Mitch kills 11,000 in Central America
Thousands of people died in Honduras when Hurricane Mitch unleashed a tropical nightmare across much of Central America. The death toll crept past 11,000, about 60 percent in Honduras. Damages exceeded $5.5 billion. 

Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

1999 -- Floyd floods eastern U.S.
This storm came ashore near Cape Fear, N.C., on Sept. 16 and continued along the coast into New England. Storm-produced floods were responsible for 50 of the 56 deaths caused by Floyd in the United States. 

2000 -- No major landfalls in the U.S.
There was an above-average number of tropical storms and hurricanes in 2000, but there were no hurricane landfalls in the U.S. 

Below is a list of retired names for the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. There are, however, a great number of destructive storms not included on this list because they occurred before the hurricane naming convention was established in 1950. 

Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

List of retired names by year
Hazel 1955
Janet 1956 1957
Audrey 1958 1959 
Donna 1961
Hattie 1962 1963
Flora 1964
Hilda 1965
Betsy 1966
Inez 1967
Beulah 1968
Edna 1969
Celia 1971 1972
Agnes 1973 1974
Fifi 1975
Eloise 1976 1977
Anita 1978 1979
Allen 1981 1982 1983
Alicia 1984 1985
Gloria 1986 1987 1988
Joan 1989
Klaus 1991
Bob 1992
Andrew 1993 1994 1995
Roxanne 1996
Hortense 1997 1998
Mitch 1999
Keith 2001
Michelle 2002
Lilli 2003
Juan 2004
Jeanne 2005
Wilma 2006 2007
Noel 2008
Paloma 2009

Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

Alphabetical list of retired Atlantic names

Agnes 1972
Alicia 1983
Allen 1980
Allison 2001
Andrew 1992
Anita 1977
Audrey 1957
Betsy 1965
Beulah 1967
Bob         1991
Camille 1969
Carla 1961
Carmen 1974
Carol 1954
Celia 1970
Cesar 1996
Charley 2004
Cleo 1964
Connie 1955
David 1979
Dean 2007
Dennis 2005
Diana 1990
Diane 1955
Donna 1960
Dora 1964
Edna 1968
Elena 1985
Eloise 1975
Fabian 2003
Felix 2007
Fifi         1974
Flora 1963
Floyd 1999
Fran 1996
Frances 2004
Frederic 1979
Georges 1998
Gilbert 1988
Gloria 1985
Gustav 2008
Hattie 1961
Hazel 1954
Hilda 1964
Hortense 1996
Hugo 1989
Igor 2010
Ike         2008
Inez 1966
Ione 1955
Iris         2001
Isabel 2003
Isidore 2002
Ivan 2004
Janet 1955
Jeanne 2004
Joan 1988
Juan 2003
Katrina 2005
Keith 2000
Klaus 1990
Lenny 1999
Lilli 2002
Luis 1995
Marilyn 1995
Michelle 2001
Mitch 1998
Noel 2007
Opal 1995
Paloma 2008
Rita 2005
Roxanne 1995
Stan 2005
Tomas 2010
Wilma 2005

Hurricane Names... See If You Would Give Those Names To Your Love Child.

And so Parents, or Prospective Parents what do you Think?. Would you name one of your love child after a Hurricane or all of your loving children?.... Sound Off and Leave a Comment....  

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