Flirting... Why Do We Do It. By James Dazouloute, Relationship Coach.

Why do we flirt...

Flirting... See How Justin Bieber And Nicki Minaj Do It, because Flirting is something that every single individual on Planet Earth does daily. And it doesn't matter where we are, what kind of job we are doing, or even how Holy we are... We all flirt in our own ways. And I Say In Our Own Ways, because it is very hard for other people to see through our Flirting Ways, since we have all become Masters at it, and can make it look Super Innocent - Just in case we get caught by our Lover and then we can just say Oh That Was Nothing. And when Flirting is taking place, it may come in the form of a look, it may come in the form of touching someone's arm, in the form of a Wink, in the form of brushing against another, or even all out Flashing Body Parts.

And so we Flirt because for some, it keeps us going through this hard life, for others it is a way to continue to feel alive and be admired by others, and even for others it is a must To Flirt just to get a job or a favor to be done for them. So whatever reason as to why you Flirt with others, whether the opposite sex or same sex, I must tell you that if you are in a Love-relationship, then that is a very dangerous thing to do. Since Human Beings are extremely emotional and extremely passionate, and whenever they give you their Heart - Devotion - Loyalty, then they expect for you to do exactly the same.

 How to flirt....

Also, it always amazes me whenever I hear a Man or Woman thinks that they can control their Lover and their emotions. And it is always after The Slap or The Punches, or The Knife or The Gun is used, that This Man or Woman realize that they are no longer in control. And so they all flirt at their own risk and peril, because that other person can always see right through it. And while some may ignore it, or don't want to talk about, or don't want to fight about, Please Do No Think That all people are the same. Since Your Sweetheart may be filled with Jealousy, or may have been done wrong in just that same way in the past, or may even have seen their Father or Mother Cheating after Flirting with another, and so they may react in ways that you could never imagine. And that is why they call it Crime Of Passion or in the Heat Of The Moment, whenever you are caught Flirting which is always the beginning step of Cheating. Since Unfaithfulness, begins with a look, a touch, a flirt and a wicked thought, as The Word Of God Teaches, and ends with the Final Step of Legs Spread. So Beware Of Flirting... Your Relationship Coach,  James DaZouloute

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 Flirting in relationship...


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    we all flirt at one time or another, and it's even worst when we want something

  2. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Flirting is fun.