7 Easy Steps To Plan A Wedding For Success.

By James Dazouloute --- Plan A Wedding Timeline, 7 Easy Steps To Plan What To Do To Have The Best Wedding Ever. All because this is Your Day. 
7 Easy Steps To Plan A Wedding For Success.

This is the day that you decide to take an Oath to share your life in this physical dimension with your Soul Mate. This is the day that your Spiritual Journey here on Earth will be joined in by another Traveler in this physical dimension as well. For You as a Spirit Being have chosen this day, this path and this experience long before time began. And now you are just ready to play it out, so let's get on with it.

Ahh!. The Engagement.
The engagement is a very wonderful and exciting time if not the most important, for it is the great seed that sets the foundation to begin sharing the rest of your life. And The thrill of being asked to join your Soul with another, and the suspense of it all in the creative efforts of your partner to try and woo you and to get your Yes. Let this great experience be felt fully and be enjoyed in every way.

Now that you have said Yes. Let us begin to Plan your best wedding ever within 9 months. And these are some of the very first things that you must do. 

7 Easy Steps To Plan A Wedding For Success.

1st. Step to a successful wedding: Announce the Engagement to Friends, Family and Co – Travelers of your Spiritual Journey.
Then select an exact date for your best wedding ever and do hire a professional wedding consultant ( either a very creative friend or a wedding company ). And the  wedding consultant will help you with things like: Where you will get married, how formal, a Guest List, decorative arrangements, make public your Engagement through a Press Release. And also by now, even though it is early, you should select your Best Man – Maid Of Honor.

7 Easy Steps To Plan A Wedding For Success.

Second Step. From 9 to 6 months Before The greatest wedding ever.
During those 3 months you should begin planning and selecting People Like:  A videographer,  a DJ for your music selection, flower girl and ring bearer, a caterer. All those People are key into making your big day a success. Because they are here  to partake in your joy, and the nicer you treat them the better off you will be. And Please, please do always keep the Communication line open as to what you want to have happened and do check in with them to make sure. Because this is the number one reason why great Weddings end up being a disaster.

7 Easy Steps To Plan A Wedding For Success.

Third Step. Six months to Four months As your great wedding day approaches.
And I know that by now you are calm, cool and collected. And all because you have kept up a Wedding book with time line and dates along with who is doing what. And on your part, you should begin to start planning your honeymoon, start fitting for bridal gown along with the wardrobes for your bridesmaids and ushers. Do start ordering wedding invitations, and start registering for gifts at your favorite stores ( and do register at many to give your people many choices, so you will get all sorts of gifts ),  and of course Finalize Your Guest List.

7 Easy Steps To Plan A Wedding For Success.

Plan A Wedding Time Line, 7 Easy Steps To Plan What To Do To Have The Best Wedding Ever. Now is the Fourth Step in planning your wedding and that is down from four months to two months. And by now you should be getting down  to the Nitty Gritty  and that would be to start engraving your wedding rings, start filing legal paperwork for your marriage license. Also look at your wedding cake with your cake decorator. And by now if you have to lose some weight, this is the time to begin and start to focus on all sorts of personal hygiene, as you will not look more elegant than this day. Since your photographer will make you look unbelievable.

7 Easy Steps To Plan A Wedding For Success.

Fifth Step: Two months to Six weeks. Now is the perfect time to spend as much time with your Soul Mate and start doing all sorts of things together. 
All because you are not doing this all by yourself, and I can't tell you how many Brides Or Grooms get left at the Altar because they have totally forgotten their Life Partner while in the process of planning the greatest Wedding ever. And they get so stressed out by the process, they stop making Love, they stop going out on dates, they stop communicating. It's like being so focus on buying the Greatest car ever, and get so caught up in the process of the purchase and yet you forget to get the key and the Dealership closes, and now you're out there all by yourself. Except there are people around to witness your embarrassment. So Spend Time. And now, do finalize your shopping for accessories, maintaining your books on all gifts received. Obtain Marriage License, finalize Menu, and determine your hair style and make up.

7 Easy Steps To Plan A Wedding For Success.

Sixth Step: Six Weeks To Wedding Day.
So now you should be arranging final fitting for bridesmaids dresses, confirm and communicate all details with all your Service Providers, check in the with the Officiant of your wedding, pick up your rings and check engravement, get all Bridesmaids and Ushers to pick up all their Garments, and check in with your wedding planner about the Reception Room and the Arrangement. And do the fun things as well: Confirm all honeymoon reservations and accommodations, pack up suitcases for honeymoon, have rehearsals and more rehearsals, make arrangement to have someone mail all announcements the day after the day of the Wedding, and pick someone to return all rental items. And finally check and recheck your Detailed Schedule Of Events For The Wedding Day.

7 Easy Steps To Plan A Wedding For Success.

Seventh And Final Step: The Greatest Wedding Day Ever.
Get plenty of sleep the night before and make yourself look as elegant as ever. Check in with your driver and make sure all parties will be picked up. Do a final check in with your wedding planner and cross off all items on your check list. Make sure the rings are in the hands of the Ring Bearers. Finally, share the page Of Love with your Soul Mate and make sure He / She is on that same Page. And Now, Get Ready To Say I Do. Congratulations And May Your Life Be Blessed Forever. 
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    Must plan my wedding today

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    I have to get married soon and be happy???? Maybe. Joanne

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    Funny, how you go broke when you get married. Better to be single. John

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    I love being single and eat and sleep when I want. J. Peterman


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