12 Ways To Show Her How Much You Love And Treasure Her.

By James Dazouloute --- Love can be a complicated adventure if you throw caution to the wind, if you choose to avoid all the relationship issues, 

and if you only think about what you want at all times. But if you decide to open your heart to look for ways to give great love, then you will finally realize the old saying, that it is better to give than to receive; plus - in order to get... Give. And so it is in your love relationship with your female partner, and please pay attention to the fact that I used the words "Relationship" and "Partner". Because in having relations, you are relating to another person what is important to you, and he or she is relating to you what is important to them. And so to have a relationship it is important for both parties to begin relating to one another, and interacting with one another at all levels, thereby forming a "Partnership" where each partner is receiving full, enjoyable and profitable benefits from the relationship. Besides, I am not speaking a foreign language here beloved, because in all areas of your life, you have relationships and partnerships, and what you get out them depend entirely of your full understanding of them. Think about it, you have a relationship with your God, you have a relationship and partnership with your employer, with your friends, with your bank, with your car, and you definitely have a relationship and partnership with the love of your life.
And so by beginning to understand this, then you can step right in and begin to fully understand the idea that women are from Venus. Because a woman, your woman, has certain special needs that must be met by you, or you will be unhappy and she will be distraught. All because deep at the heart of the matter, a woman is very simple in her romantic needs and only needs deep love. That's It. Nothing more complicated, but within that statement, there are thousands of small needs, millions of emotions, and a lifetime of wants in order for her to feel special. But you don't have to scratch your head my friend, because today I am going to share with you 12 ways to give her that deep love that she needs, thereby showing her and proving to her how much you love and treasure her. And by doing that, you will have met her thousands of small needs, her millions of emotional needs as well her lifetime of wants. So Let Us Begin:

12 Ways To Show Her How Much You Love And Treasure Her.

1.  Be her best friend.
This one is one the most basic needs that a woman has, because she always needs someone to confide in. And this is why she will have many B.F.F. (Best friends forever), and you want to position yourself to be that B.F.F., because you are the one who wants to marry her and spend the rest of your life with her. So don't relinquish this important title to 5 other women or even to another guy, because if you do, you will not have any connections with her, you will not be building dependency and you will not have a partner in everything you want to do in life.

2. Tell and show her how much she is loved.
And this one should be a No-Brainer, but we'll cover it. Tell her how much you love her, how much you would not know what to do without her beside you, and how much you keep looking forward to each minute that you spend with her. And then, Back It Up. And you must do this on a consistent basis, since you are the one who chased after her, you invested so much time in seducing her, and you have even spent a fortune in wining and dining her, so I don't understand, why would you do all this and then not have all your investments paying you dividend for life? And by telling and showing how much you lover her, you are enlarging your territory inside her heart, you are gaining a dependent of your love, and you are ensuring your happiness.

3. Be trustworthy and transparent.
This one is a must. Just tell the truth and then back it up with proof, whether she asks for it or not. You must do so for your own dignity, for you to always be respected and to always be a hero in her eyes. But for her, when you are trustworthy and transparent, she can then find a best friend in you, a life partner in you, and a perfect lover whom she can give all of herself to without blinking. 

12 Ways To Show Her How Much You Love And Treasure Her.

4. Spend time with her.
Well, you don't get a job for 40 hours a week and then only show up 5 hours a week. You don't say you love your God, and yet never pray, never spend time worshiping, and never tell others about your God do you? So what makes you think that you can have a woman and put her in a drawer like a toy and not spend any time with her? So spend time and do all the little things with her, and don't let her run to her girlfriends for all activities or even to another guy who is just a "Friend", after all, she wants to be around you all the time.

12 Ways to treasure her... Seee

5. Change your behavior, not self.
When you are in a relationship and partnership, you have 2 different beings from 2 completely different backgrounds, different dreams, destiny, life purpose, wants, needs and passion. So it is inevitable that the two of you will clash at some point, and that is the time for you to examine yourself and your actions. And if your actions and words need changing, then you must do so, because they are behaviors, habits, vices and learned lifestyle. But you must never change yourself or who you are, and that is impossible to do anyway since people don't change, only their behaviors and habits change. So if you are hurting her with your words and actions, then begin to change those things, all because when you first met her, you had easily changed your words and behaviors to please her, to be with her, and to do the things she like so you could gain a lover, and now?

6. Give her emotional riches.
She is an emotional being, since she feels all the time for anyone and everyone. So you must understand that my friend, and begin to shower her with emotional riches by offering your shoulder while she talks, by speaking to her in an appreciative way and by giving the support that she so craves in many areas.

12 Ways To Show Her How Much You Love And Treasure Her.

7. Remember special dates.
This one has caused a lot of divorces in marriages. Because all people want to feel important to others, also they are all emotional junkies and assign meaning to each emotion, each moment, and each special event that is shared. So remember when you two met, remember those special days and milestones in your love relationship with her. And nowadays, you have no more excused, since you now have smart phones that can do wonderful tasks like keep a journal. So just jot down when something big or super nice, or amazingly romantic happened. And then celebrate those days and moments. After all what is Life, but a series of moment and special events.

8. Let her talk with you and respond.
She loves to talk, plain and simple. So let her be who she is, and compromise by allocating special times when she can tell you about her day, her co-workers, her family members, her friends, and even silly things that happened in her day.

9. Share romantic moments..
A woman will give sex to get love, while a man will give love to get sex. So this should be a perfect match between you two. And the romantic moments are what will help both of you get what you want. Enough said!

12 Ways To Show Her How Much You Love And Treasure Her.

10. Praise her: Privately and Publicly.
A woman is a junkie for compliments, and this is why all she does in her life is to get compliments or to be praised. From how she dresses, how she does her hair, what she cooks, how she makes love and even how she raises her children. And while no one is perfect, as all have good and bad qualities, great and horrible ways of doing things, you can choose to change your behavior and words toward her, by always finding the things she does well and praise her privately and publicly, and you will see that alone will encourage her to keep improving in the areas where she is weak, all to be a better lover, wife, partner for you.

11. Give her gifts from the heart.
There is a myth that Women Are Materialistic. No, women are emotional junkies and romance addicts. And when you give her emotional and romantic gifts, she will live under a bridge with you, she will risk anything with you and for you. So knowing this, don't try to kill yourself by working 3 jobs to buy a huge diamond or a big mansion, and then because of these you never spend any time with her. Instead pick some flowers and catch her by surprise and give them to her in a sincere way. Or write a little love poem, and put in the bathroom for her in a card. Or brush her hair and whisper nice little things in her ears etc... And then you will see that you have a love slave on your hands.

12. Make her laugh.
If you fail at all the other things above, you can not, and I repeat you can not fail at this one. Because laughter is the best medicine, and so it cures all illnesses in your relationship. So you don't have to be a Comedian or a Clown or a Fool, just be yourself and do little things to be funny and make her laugh. Catch her off guard and be a little silly at times and get her to giggle. After all, when you first met her, you didn't mind being a clown, you din't care about being silly, nor did you give a hoot about being and doing anything to catch her attention. So what has changed my friend? Remember, back then you were trying to get the milk, and now you have the whole blessed being, so enlarge your territory, so increase your milk production, so get all that you can get... If you get my drift...

12 Ways To Show Her How Much You Love And Treasure Her.

WOW! That was  a lot of typing on my part, well there you have it beloved, the 12 easy ways to show her how much you love and treasure her. And now you have no more excuses for you to break up, no more needs to be contacting me, your Relationship Coach, and asking what to do not to lose her, or how to stop her from leaving you or even cheating on you. 

12 Ways To Prove How Much You Love And Respect Him. 

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    A woman does need to be shown love

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    Love a woman right, and she will do anything for you. This I know, Herbert

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