Why You Must Watch What You Say So Your Love Life Could Be Great.

 Watch What You Say...

And my friend no matter where you are from, who your parents were, and what school you've attended, you have been taught some kind of manners. Of course, there are those of us who were blessed and privileged to have been sent to etiquette and mannerism schools, while others received what the people raising them knew about manners. And of course Society and Culture do the rest.

And if you look at the generations of the 60's and even our current generation, you will see that there is a great moral decay that seems to take place as each decade goes by. And nowadays, it is customary that you must cuss during your conversations just to be cool, or act like you're normal. People do it at home, people cuss at work, people cuss in songs, people cuss on the radio and TV, people cuss in church and people cuss in the streets. As well, people disrespect each other in every way, shape and form imaginable. And so with so much interaction of disrespect whether by cussing or talking to everyone in any kind of way, then it is only a normal step to move forward and stop watching what you say to you love, your kids, your parents along with all your other form of relationships.

And you must know by now that what you do in one area of your life, you will also do in all other areas. Because you are a continuation of yourself, or in other words you are like one big piece of glass. And if you were to fall to the ground, you would shatter into a thousand pieces. Now if one of those pieces of glass cut somebody's hand, and another cut somebody's foot, and even another cut somebody's throat; and then one more piece of that glass is used for someone to fix their hair as a mirror. Would you then say that each piece of glass is it's own glass and has a life of it's own, or would all the different pieces of glass are all part of that one big piece of glass?. You and I both know that all the small pieces of glass all make up that one big piece of glass. And so is your personality my friend,  if one part cusses at work , or swears or is disrespectful to others then all the rest of you will do the same thing. All because you are all interconnected, as one fluid being. Watch what you say.

And have you ever noticed that what you do in one relationship, you tend to do in another sooner or later?. Or have you have not heard that once a cheater, will always be a cheater. Or once a wife - beater will always be a wife - beater, once a smoker will always be a smoker.  So if you did not watch what you say to your previous lover, I guarantee you that when you are mad enough or when that new lover pushes those same buttons you will be disrespectful all over again. Trust me, us Philosophers and Psychologists have studied and experimented human behaviors for a long time, and we know that people do not change. They only can control their behavior.

So I implore you dear friend, to learn to control your tongue and your behavior in your blessed loving relationship. It is better to leave someone or ask them to leave you alone before you start cussing at them, disrespecting them or even put your hands on them. And it is not because people do not listen to you, but you are a flip – flopper, because one day you will tell them to be gone and the next day you will take their calls or you will see them again. So what that does to that person subconsciously is, they realize that you do not mean what you say at all and so they keep pestering you.

So be respectful to the one you love, and do not make the mistake of getting too comfortable with your lover just because they bow down to you. Because you would not do it at work to your boss, just because he or she is kind to you, you would not dare to cuss them out or put your hands on them. They would fire you on the spot or press charges against you. But because your lover keeps forgiving you, you let your temper get the best of you, you do not watch what you say, and you disrespect at every turn even just to make a silly point of pride and arrogance. 

Watch What You Say, And Your Love Life Will Always Be Great Forever. Because You are a loving Spiritual creature, and you know deep in your heart that you really really hate to be alone ( Even God did not want to be alone and that is why He created you and the whole universe. )  And every time you are blessed with great love, your destructive - self and sabotaging - self do find a way to always end up disrespecting your love. Again, watch what you say my friend, please move away from people at work when they are cussing, stop listening to music that uses cuss words so much, stop watching movies that disrespect so much, and definitely stop hanging around with people that have temper or who can not carry polite conversations ( You are the product of your environment. ) And if  you have no one, then read to enrich your mind, read my articles – watch my videos that I have spent countless hours putting together for you for free. Remember how it feels to you every time you do not have love in your life, not the sloppy kind that everybody throws at you, I mean the special kind that you really want from that great man or great woman whom you have connected your soul with. So watch what you say. Your Word Watcher, James Dazouloute


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