Where Is Love... And What Must I Do To Get It.

 Where is My Love...

Because you already know that deep down inside your heart, there has to be more to life than just all the mundane tasks that you do. As well, there must be a way for you to find contentment besides - in making money, in putting on a mask daily to pretend, in running around and doing chores to help others. Also, because you have feelings, you have emotions, you have very personal needs that must be satisfied... and they all fall into the category of Love. For you need love, you must have love, you have to be deeply wanted in love, you can not afford to not have a Lover all to yourself and who is all into you. 

But Where Is Love?
Love is at your beckon call each and every second, also love is eagerly awaiting to be your puppet and servant. But you don't seem to know the code, for you don't realize that Love is on a special wavelength and will not answer from any other channels. And that wavelength is Your Commitment to want love, to have love, to necessitate love, to desire love and to create love. For that is when Love will come running toward you, that is when love will come to be your puppet and servant, as well bring the Lover whom you so desperately need. And I use the word "Commitment" because Love is not a slave to no one, but Commitment will make love submit to you and be devoted to your needs every single day. 

And that is how you must be if you want to know Where Is Love, and What You Must Do To Get It. Because being committed in your heart and mind are all that it takes to have the best love ever. And that commitment will translate into - and then transform your relationship with your lover. So You must Stop doing a lot of talking, but begin an Exhaustive Campaign of doing. For in Doing, is where Success lies in all areas of life. 

And it always amazes me how people just live in their own heads and within their own hearts. For they have a Version, not a true Vision, of what Love is or should be, and they expect their Lover to know it, to feel it, to share it, to understand it, and to agree to live by it. All the while, those people forget that their Partner has different needs and must experience a different kind of love than they do. And so You must not fall into this category of blind love, of misguided affections.

For Where Is Love, and what You must do to get it, You and only You must be with your Lover daily, you must be in their presence every chance you get and every chance they ask for You. Also you can not have Love to serve you when you have a long distance relationship, nor can you have Love become your puppet and servant when you refuse to take care of your relationship, by putting both hands in and working at it daily. You Can Not Have An Imaginary Love, You Can Not Be An Absent Lover... and then You think that you have Love. Because, the other person has many needs, and Love create many necessities within the Heart of us all. 

So To Get Love, the kind You've always wanted, You must be Committed to it. Yes you must be in the presence of your Lover to make love, to whisper I Love You, to give a quick caress as you walk by, to release all your bent up sexual frustrations as well as all your life frustrations. You must be the Active Leader, You must be present to be in love because you can not be at work all the time - or 200 miles away - or doing your own thing... And then mistakenly think that the other person is just waiting on You. But when he or she betrays You and cheat, then all of a sudden You Are The Victim?.. Nothing Happens In Your Life Without You Having Brought It In, Or Invited It In... Your Love Advocate, James Dazouloute

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