What Is Observation... And What Internal Sensors Of Observation Make You Fall In Love

What Is Observation? Because as you sit on a bench near a lake in the park, you are seeing and feeling all kinds of things, yet you do not fully understand how or why they come about. And you see couples in love, you see the ducks splashing around in the water, you see and hear the pigeons, you feel the breeze, you experience the emotions of your lover holding your hands and kissing you softly. And you end up feeling and being very close, and there is no distance that can keep you apart. But how do you observe these things, and what factors and senses have a great influence in your observation about your love life. So today, I intend to share with you all the basics about observation.

Observation is  the act or the habit and even the power of seeing, hearing, feeling something. And then noting specifically the fact that you saw, heard, felt that something for a special purpose in your life. Also things that you perceive from afar, from your mind thinking and rationalizing, are part of your observation. Also, When you observe something, or someone like the love of your life, You use all internal senses as well as external ones. And the sum of them all, make up what you feel what you perceive, what you build in your mind as souvenirs, and in effect make up the very essence of who you are in life. And I am gong to share with you 8 internal sensors you use to observe love, and someone you love.

One internal sensor you use in observing love is: Eyesight.
What you see is usually one of the first things that you use as part of your observation. Also what you see and record in your brain, to recall later on, changes over time.

Another internal sensor for what observation is: Hearing. 
Yes you hear a lot of things around you that are taking place, because you hear the birds chirping, your hear the person you love say I Love You, and you observe that it makes you feel so good inside.

Third internal sensor: Education.
You have been in love so many times, and along the way you have learned so much about what to look for, how to make your lover's heart melt and how to keep great love once you find it and capture it. So you use that as part of your observation to become the greatest lover of all time.

Fourth internal sensor for observing: Experience.
For all the different ways you have felt, made love, kissed, wrote love letters, have all become part of your experience in love. And you have observed  all these things that you have done by becoming aware of them, and have placed them in your love baskets to use time and time again. As well you have been through sadness and joy in being love, so you use all of them to better yourself.

Fifth internal sensor: Prejudice.
When you were growing up, you experienced things. When you observed other people in love, you see all the right or all the wrong that have been done to them. And then there is your religion that conditions you on how to feel about certain things. So you have your prejudice in love and out of love. You have prejudice on how your lover should be, how your marriage should be. And these are all part of what you have observed along the way, and now have become part of who you are.

Sixth Internal sensor in observation: Taste.
You remember by your observation about how your lover's lips taste, you remember  how their cooking tasted, and you even observed and remembered how their private parts tasted doing love making. And all that, help you to know how to push their buttons with caresses and complements.

Seventh internal sensor as part of what observation is: Feel.
You use your hands along with other body parts to feel the softness of the flowers you are about to give to your sweet love. As well you feel the connection that you two have going on, and that make you inseparable. You also observed that you feel invigorated, when you are kissed, when you are touched and even when you are told I Love You. So you observe and remember all your feelings and emotions in your love relationship, to help you possess love every single day.

Eighth internal sensor as part of observation: Smell.
You observed how your love teddy bear smelled when you were being kissed. And now that smell has become engraved in your brains, and each time you think of your love, then that sweet smell come back to make you fall deeper in love. You also observed the spicy smell of the hot wings you lover cooked for you, and you loved it. Now you can't get enough of this great southern cooking, because you took the time to observe, study it and instantly liked it. Your Observation About Love Advocate, James Dazouloute

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